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Reply #15 on: May 08, 2019, 06:48:40 PM
I am liking the look of the police force arms and like the conversion potential that has been put into these miniatures.
For the peacekeeper colours, I would go for a light grey or light blue colour.

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Reply #16 on: May 30, 2019, 01:04:35 PM
A red letter day for Albedo Miniatures Game!

I can report that today we received the spins from the last production moulds needed for this Kickstarter, so we have every miniature to go into pledges sculpted, moulds made, lead spun, miniatures picked and packed.
We still have books, player aids, terrain & LARCS being worked on, but the miniatures & cards are all done.

Overall, we are still on track for July shipping, so...
Next week (7th June) we will be freezing shipping addresses on Backerkit, so if you will have moved house in July from when you pledged, please pop over to Backerkit and get address updated before we freeze them and start printing address labels. If something comes up at the last minute you can email us.
All of the products funded through the Kickstarter will be available eventually through retail. Once we have dispatched the last backer pledge we will start adding them to the Albedo Miniatures Webstore ( , however there is a lot of stuff to release, so the releases will be spread over 6 months. This is the Albedo Miniatures releases schedule for the second half of 2019, so if you want any extra stuff in July rather than waiting for it's release date, you have until 7th June to order via Backerkit. ( ).

June New Releases
ACP20 EDF HI Trooper L30 carbine with underslung Grenade Launcher 2 Figs 8
ACP30 ILR Skirmish Infantry Machine Pistol 3 Figs 12
ACP31 EDF Heavy Infantry Reinforcements, Badger 3 Figures 12
ACPA28 Head Pack Badger, bareheaded 5 heads 4
ACPA29 Head Pack Badger, Conical Helm 5 heads 4
ACPA30 Head Pack Badger, Cloak 5 heads 4
ACPA31 Head Pack Badger, Headgear 5 heads 4
ACPA27 Head Pack Mixed Headgear

July New Releases
Rulebook, Sourcebook, Campaign Book
Cards, Unit Reference Cards, Tokens, Templates
Deck Boxes, Deck Tidy
The Subway
ACPC03 EDF Officer, Combat Uniform/Dress Uniform & Pistol - 2 figures 8
ACP32 EDF Heavy Infantry Reinforcements, Helmet & Respirator 3 Figures 12
ACP33 EDF Heavy Infantry Reinforcements, Rabbit in Helmet 3 Figures 12
ACPA32 Head Pack Helmet & Respirator 5 heads 4
ACPA33 Head Pack Rabbit, EDF Helmet 5 heads 4
ACPC06 Erma Felna Ltd Edition Civilian Model

August New Releases
ACPBS05 Confed Homeguard Squad (8 Figs)
Albedo Buildings, Roads, Planters etc
ACPC04 ILR Character Lt Torri
ACPV08 ILR 8 Wheel APC
ACPV10 ILR Crew Set 8 Wheel
ACP21 EDF Heavy Infantry LMG Team (LMG Gunner & Loader)
ACP18 ILR LMG Pack (LMG Gunner & Loader)
ACP27 EDF Heavy Infantry Reinforcements (3 Miniatures)

September New Releases
ACPBS06 EDF Light Infantry Squad (8 Figs)
ACPC01 Toki EDF Character Model
ACP22 ConFed Homeguard LMG Team (LMG Gunner & Loader)
ACP 19 ILR 189/2 LMG Team (2 Miniatures)
ACP16 ILR Portable Missile Launcher
ACP23 ConFed Homeguard Reinforcements (3 Miniatures)

October New Releases
ACPBS07 ILR Air Assault Squad
ACPC02 ILR Officer (ACPC02)
ACP28 EDF Light Infantry LMG Team (LMG Gunner & Loader)
ACP17 EDF Portable Missile Launcher
ACP29 EDF Light Infantry Reinforcements (3 Miniatures)
November New Releases
ACPBS08 ILR Garrison Fireteam
ACPC07 Erma Felna EDF Officer Dress Uniform
ACPC08 ILR Colonel Amenaha
ACP26 ILR Grenade Launcher Pack (2 Miniatures)
December New Releases
ACPBS09 ILR Special Assault Troop
ACPC05 ILR Character Captain Tasta
ACP25 ILR Special Assault Reinforcements (3 Miniatures)
ACP 24 EDF Automatic Grenade Launcher & Operator
ACPA34 Head Hare

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Reply #17 on: December 10, 2019, 08:35:00 AM
Just added December new releases for ACP164:The Albedo Miniatures Game

ILR Special Assault Squad

ILR Intel Analyst Captain Tasta

EDF Tripod Mounted Automatic Grenade Launcher