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Author Topic: Albedo Combat Patrol ACP164 participation game at Hammerhead 2019 2nd March 2019  (Read 2237 times)

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This week Doug and I have started sorting out our participation game for this years Hammerhead show at Newark Showground on 2nd March, which is played using Albedo Combat Patrol

The situation on the ground is that ILR Planetary Invasion forces have landed on and around major population centers on Coralaus Prime. ConFed Coralaus Homeguard forces were pushed back after intense firefights.

Over subsequent weeks the ILR consolidated there positions, digging in (bunnies are good at that), around strategic sites, such as the Government buildings and media hub featured in our counterattack game, which sees elements of an Extra Planetary Defense Force (EDF) Mech Company, landed outside engagement range via Aerodynes moving forward in a deliberate assault to recapture these strategic sites.

Full write up and lots more photos on my hobby blog @

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Is there anyone in/near Gainesville Fl doing any games?

ANY games.

Also there is a free minicon at UF.

There I posted.