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Battle reports / Chanzori EDF attack on ILR in fixed defenses
« on: June 13, 2020, 12:17:08 AM »
This time I decided to add a few figures to each side and try out some different options  :o

The ILR had three teams, each consisting of six members and I took an officer to lead overall, his section had seven members, this broke down as:
Section "1" was setup on the left side of the board, they had a LMG team, a section leader three troopers.

Section "2" was in the middle with one officer, two grenadiers and four troopers, each grenadier had a trooper assigned to him and were placed on detached duty in the buildings overlooking the enemies approach. The officer and the two remaining troopers took their position in the middle fortifications.

Section"3" was setup on the right side and had the same composition as section one.
The LMG teams were setup close to the middle of the table in an attempt to give them the best possible fields of fire, it was hoped that combined with the grenade launchers high up they would make life for the attackers miserable.
The advancing EDF forces were also broken down into three, three trooper fire teams, the team one had the section leader together with the LMG team. Team two had two troopers and a grenadier with a grenade launcher, team three was similarly outfitted. In addition to this I brought along the sniper as support.

Turn one went uneventfully as the ILR forces chose to stay in the cover of their positions when they activated, and the EDF were forced to try and advance into decent shooting positions without getting turned into Swiss cheese! The ILR section 1 were able to engage the EDF section three on the left side of the board with long distance fire but failed to hit anyone. The sniper was to be activated only on the Black one but managed to quickly get into position.

Turn two saw exchanged fire with little casualties being caused on either side as the EDF forces got themselves into good  positions. It became apparent that placing the ILR grenadiers high up in the buildings was a mistake as the buildings in front of them limited their line of sight and the possibility of taking direct fire from the advancing forces reduced them to direct fire/line of sight only weapons.
during the movement phases of this games the Reaction mechanic was used quite often when opposing a fire teams movement or actions and it seemed to work out pretty well from my perspective. But the EDF did get very lucky quite often for example as the team on the far left managed to crawl over the rear balcony into the apartment closet to the ILR position without giving themselves away.

 Around the board the EDF forces stacked forces in preparation to go on the offensive, in the middle they prepared to open fire on the ILR positions in the middle with the Grenade Launcher (GL)  on the right side the fire team prepared to push around the corner and work over the ILR positions there.
The turn three  started off with a bang for the EDF, with the grenadier in the middle opening the fire which stunned the ILR officer in the middle position, they then moved to a new location with the blessing of the cards, this first hit was followed up by the sniper who caused a wound on the already stunned ILR officer. The ILR returned fire on the newly moved fire team and caused the first wound on the EDF grenadier.

On the right the LMG team with the NCO opened up on the entrenched ILR forces hitting quite a few of them and causing the first fatalities of this game.
On the left flank the grenadier opened up the party with a bang injuring two ILR on that side, this was followed up with a less helpful "out of ammunition" result but a few good shots from the trooper with the carbine helped knock down and further injure more ILR troopers.

The ILR responded first on the left flank by having one trooper do a Banzai attack on the EDF in the building, the EDF made the Reaction role and took a shot at him as he broke cover, wounding him despite his being on the move! this is where the Mele portion of the combat got used, with the enraged trooper despite being wounded beating the EDF LMG gunner and causing him a wound in the process. The other ILR forces shrugged off the efects of the EDF fire and returned fire with little results.

Turn four saw the EDF team on the right flank engaging the ILR again, the NCO rushed the injured ILR trooper and inflicted two more wounds on him in Mele thus finishing him off.
On the left flank the ILR activated first but were not able to bring usefull fire superiority onto the EDF team opposing them and the EDF as they reacted were able to take out another ILR trooper and caused more casualties with ther direct fire.
The morale in the middle of the ILR force wavered as the officer suffered a second wound and one of his flanking troops was taken out by a lucky shot from the EDF fire team working their way up the tree line towards them so the officer turned tail and ran for the security of the buildings to his rear.

Turn five started off well for the EDF with a good activation on the left side of the battlefield causing more casualties in the ranks of the ILR, ultimately causing one rabbit to flee the safety of the positions.
The middle of the EDF line pushed forward and cleared up the remaining foe to their front and right side, but not without taking a wound more for their efforts.
on the right side the ILR chose to regroup in the security of the buildings on the highrer ground where their GL teams were waiting and taking the occasional ineffective pot shot at the advancing EDF. The EDF fire team on the right took a further wound but carried on harassing them with fire all the way.
Turn six carried on going well for the EDF with the right and center teams advancing at half speed due to injuries but they were able to keep up the momentum and took down the remaining ILR troopers seeking cover, this left the two GL teams and the officer as the only opposition left on the board.
The Sniper activated in this turn and caused a wound on the ILR GL trooper on the left flank causing them to move away from the window and further into the building.
On the right flank the EDF stormed the building, took a further wound but took out the ILR officer with direct fire and managed to take out the Grenadier team with grenades...
The only uninjured team in the EDF force stormed the building on the left side and were able to take out the last GL team.

The ILR lost all of its forces but held out to the end, the EDF had 6 injuries but lost no one in this engagement.
I had expected the EDF to lose this round and was surprised at this outcome. 

Thanks for posting this great write-up!

Battle reports / Summit Junction, Meeting Engagement
« on: June 11, 2020, 10:25:41 PM »
Two patrols approached the outskirts of Summit Junction with the unimaginative designation D4, they came from different directions and were vastly different in their intent, but their dedication to their duty was something that they shared.

The ILR section approaching from the south was comprised of 9 basic troopers, one grenadier, an LMG team and the section leader and his second in command.

The EDF Heavy infantry section patrolling from the north had 4 basic troopers, an LMG team and the section leader with his second in command.
Both opposing sections started off the game split up into two teams and all were in a normal state of mind.
In turn one the ILR were able to move first and in one case twice with good movement ranges! This combined with good fortune allowed one squad to quickly get into a good position amongst the vegetation with a good view of the approaching EDF patrol. At this moment I let the dice decide and the ILR team suffered a bout of "accidental discharges" in that they tried to shoot up the EDF troops on the right side of the road, unfortunately with the result that they failed each shot and alerted the EDF of their presence... As the section leader was paired with the grenadier in this team, I allowed them to take a third trooper off to the side of the nearby small factory in an attempt to catch the EDF team in the open.

The first EDF team activated and ducked around the back of the shop like building and was in the cover between the building and a line of trees.
The second EDF team activated and with a goodly move was able to get into position behind the small factory, their luck held and they activated a second time allowing them to enter the window of the shop and move through it unopposed, the point man ended his move with an undeniably sweet view of the ILR leader and made the shot... scoring a 3 for damage suffered. That ended this turn.

In turn two the EDF team two activated first and compounded the damage by taking out the next trooper of the ILR trio.

As the ILR team in contact was next to move I decided to move the grenadier back to the rest of the ILR team, but the EDF made their reaction test and he too was dropped by a burst of fire.
Next to move was the EDF team one and they brought their LMG in position at the end of the store, opened fire and to my surprise caused two casualties. The ILR team on that side of the board activated and reacted in a bit of an odd manner as part of resolving the markers due to the incoming fire, the assistant section leader ran away, then shot himself,  two other team members charged the set up EDF forces with their two wounded companions limping along behind them, as I divided the effects of the tokens among both squads two ILR troopers also lost their nerve and ran for a new bit of cover.

This ended the turn to my surprise.

Turn three had the ILR troopers on the left side activating first and removing their suppression and the shamefaced LMG trooper moved back towards his team.
The next team to activate were the EDF team two on the right side and they moved to contact upon the remaining three ILR trooper in cover of the vegetation who were able to cause a wound on the attacking section leader before the EDF opened fire causing  two more wounds to the ILR forces. Their luck held and they activated again to add further damage to the already sorely pressed troopers. This ended the turn.

Action resumed on the left with the EDF team one activating first and creating a slew of new bullet holes in the ILR squad on the left, who also activated, removed themselves from the line of fire to regroup in the nearby vegetation, they reactivated and were and were able to cause two wounds on the EDF team one, who also managed to reactivate and respond in kind dropping two more troopers.

In the final turn the ILR survivors regrouped in the vegetation removed their suppression, but failed to route but drew the fight to the last bullet card and re loaded their weapons before the EDF teams opened fire from both teams and relieved them of their last wound points!

About / Re: Maps
« on: April 12, 2020, 09:49:14 AM »
Good job on the maps Mike, they really help give a mental image of the place!

About / Re: New signups
« on: April 08, 2020, 04:02:13 PM »
Not at all! My complex personalities will allow me to fight for either side!  ::)

About / Re: Available assets
« on: April 08, 2020, 07:29:23 AM »
ILR forces

Col Ameneha
14 troopers with carbines
3 LMG troopers
2 grenade launchers
1 sniper
1 rocket launcher
5 converts
1 NCO with pistol
3 assault rifles

EDF Forces
1 officer
1 Erma Felna in dress uniform
1 Erma and Toki in battle rattle
2 NCO with pistols
1 Sniper
1 Rocket Launcher
1 LMG Team
2 Grenade launchers
9 troopers  with standard rifles
6 troopers with carbines

Limited to Erma and Toki in civvies and one doctor/scientist

Light woods
Mostly township type buildings

About / Re: New signups
« on: April 07, 2020, 09:40:16 PM »
Hello Mike, I'd like to  enlist, I only have infantry but two ACP 164 starter sets(8EDF and 16 ILR) and a few specialists are available.

General Discussion / Re: Recommended Tool(s) for Despruing?
« on: December 24, 2019, 10:59:58 AM »
Hello Direlda, and welcome on board  :) I am certain that everyone has a different method for dealing with the odd sprue or bit of flash on their minis, as an IT technician I have the advantage of getting my mitts on lots of different tools, so for the softer white metal commonly used for figures, I have found a good but cheap electricians wire cutters does the job nicely for me.
Obviously you will want a bit of sand paper and maybe a hobby knife to tidy up the cut area and don't laugh but I prefer to use the cheap fingernail files found in a dollar/pound/Euro store as you can cut them easily to make them smaller, most have four grades of abrasives on them( some even have more) and you can bin them when they no longer do the job.

General Discussion / Re: Albedo Videos on YouTube
« on: September 04, 2019, 03:04:06 PM »
Looking forward to these! It makes it easier to see what I have been doing wrong!  :-\

General Discussion / Re: To sleeve or not to sleeve
« on: August 16, 2019, 09:09:20 PM »
Thank you, that was more or less my idea too and if they do get messed up, I'll have to order some new ones  ;)

General Discussion / To sleeve or not to sleeve
« on: August 15, 2019, 12:23:26 PM »
That is here the question  ;D
The cards look to be sturdy and well made, so do you think that card sleeves are needed here?

General Discussion / Re: About the NET
« on: August 09, 2019, 08:39:44 PM »
I would agree with option one, could some of us help with the site admin work?

General Discussion / Re: ACP164 New Releases
« on: May 08, 2019, 06:48:40 PM »
I am liking the look of the police force arms and like the conversion potential that has been put into these miniatures.
For the peacekeeper colours, I would go for a light grey or light blue colour.

General Discussion / Re: KS2
« on: May 08, 2019, 06:40:55 PM »
...  Also the penguins seem to have a high ratio of maybe they can have a battle feild skill/action/bonus to help downed figs get back into action?
I like that idea of medical and technical figures involved in the game adding their specialized skills to their side.
And I agree that more kneeling or crouching poses would be good too.

General Discussion / Re: KS2
« on: April 08, 2019, 08:45:39 PM »
I would like to see a few different types of animals, such as Penguins or larger ones such as horses...
The idea of space combat with space-suited critters and robots for helpers sounds like fun it could lead to a RPG\story-line type engagement, similar to a campaign.
an example could be, the first engagement is a skirmish on the surface of the ship or in an air lock, the next phase could be a series of skirmish actions to capture strategically important areas such as engineering, the armory, the Bridge... and part of the retreating forces options could be to exchange actions for setting up traps and pitfalls to slow down and channel the attackers...

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