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ACP Rules Discussion / Slot Force Organization?
« on: October 04, 2019, 05:57:13 PM »
Any thinks that the army should be by slots close to "Flames of War" than the loosely "by What you want" of the orbat?

In Platoon level:
A compulsory HQ and to two to four squads of the choosed force (Infantry, Mechaniced (Mounted or Dismounted), Aerial (Mounted or DIsmounted)).
The HQ with option to upgrade to Company HQ team; and a extra slot to add: a PML team, MG team or a sniper team (and in case of mechanized mounted ILR to upgrade the scout vehicle to a P-69T).
A slot (or two) to add a squad of other force (for example: one aerial squad in an infantry force).
A slot to add a support squad.
A slot to add other suppor squad, a Infantry Fighting Vehicle, aerial gunship or special squad (engis, Ack-Ack or SOFT).

In Company level:
The HQ team, two to four platoons of a minimun of HQ and two squads and a max of four squads.
Two slots to Heavy Weapons Platton (HQ and two to four squads).
A platoon of other force (HQ and 2-4 squads)
A slot for a platton of other force or a specialist platoon (including one of vehicles).
And two extra slots to buy a weapons squad or snipers squad; or just one infantry fighting vehicle or aerial gunship.

In Saquad level.
A whole squad and up to six fireteams of squads.
Three slots to heavy weapons, sniper teams or one infantry fighting vehicle.
A slot to a HQ team
Two slots to transport vehicles.

And add the posibility of upgrade some weapons in the squads, and give more variety to SOFT squads.

ACP Rules Discussion / Discrepancy of carry capacity and squad size
« on: October 04, 2019, 05:21:11 PM »
Any found that all ILR vehicles have less troop capacity that the actual squad number? Is a mistake or they do tank desant?
And Why the squad cards have the vehicle crew instead in the vehicle card? And is suppose that they can dismount and/or do the bailed out?

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