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Author Topic: ILR attack on Hasty Defense at Summit Junction  (Read 348 times)

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on: May 14, 2020, 10:15:27 PM
deployed 2 sections of EDF infantry in barracks with one small section on patrol at the time the ILR attack began. 2 APCs in shutdown mode parked out side of the barracks. ILR began game with 2 sections of reduced strenght on foot and a full section riding in a P-69t. preceeding the P-69t was a SP-74 scout. during the first turn of the game the scout car rushed forward fireing at the EDF scouts. causing stuns but no damage. the APC followed while the ILR infantry made their way thru cover to the left flank of the town.  one section of EDF infantry moved towards the roof of the 2 story building they where in to take up fireing positions. while the other section moved out and to thier right of a small building useing a civilian car as cover.
the Scout car after a brief exchange of fire pushed thru the 2 civilian vehicles critically injuring one of the guards that was using it for cover. (failed reaction check) after moving forward the scout found itself under mg fire from the roof top. the exchange of fire between the scout and the roof top squad would last most of the rest of the game.
the EDF guard squad attempted to pull itself together but having lost one of its outlying members and the other being totally cut off from assistance never got opportunity to assault either armored vehicle.
one of the EDF APCs came on line and fired its beam laser at the scout missing. which earned it several 27mm autocannon rounds one of which damaged the AV8g's primary weapon. meanwhile the ILR APC dismounted its infantry section who moved towards the exchange of fire that was occuring on the ILR left flank.
the EDF section on the ground was involved in a exchange of fire with 5 rabbits in cover. when due to a tremendous bit of luck they wounded or killed 3 of the team they where fighting. this exchange prompted the 2 observing officers to fall back and call for the APC to pick them up at the edge of the battlefield.

the cut off guard who was fireing at any target of opportunity found himself surrounded by a full section of ILR soldiers and after a scuffle was hoisted off by 2 rabbits to be secured in the waiting P=69t meanwhile a second section joined the ground fighting and thru weight of fire finally reduced that squad by 3 troops.
the section on the roof found itself with a casualty and under continuous bombardment by the SP74 about time they got out from the various stun counters another volly was coming in. they did manage to get a solid non penetration hit that caused the crew to bail out. which gave them breathing room to inflict fire on infantry for 2 turns causing 2 wounds.
the operational EDF APC found itself under attack by rabbits with variable grenades which knocked out its ability to maneuver any farther. so with a damaged beam weapon and no movement the crew stayed put and tried sensibly to be a non target.

at this point the ILR was storming the building the P69t had picked up the officers and had the prisoner aboard and was prepared to leave the area of engagement. the guard squad (who had miserable action rolls and never really got to do any thing.) was in cover behind a truck and the remaining 2 sections (7 rabbits total) where moving towards the building with a lone EDF riflemen between them and their objective. at this time i had to call the game off due to time.
One EDF AV8g had never gotten the required roll to come active as reserves ( a situation which suprised me) the other never really got a chance to perform its dutys. in the future i should have added a PML to each side as well as at least one additional squad to give me a little more options in force balance.

one EDF APC mobility kill on a non pen variable grenade hit. 5 EDF casualties 2 wounded. 1 POW. ILR lost 3 troopers including 1 corporal. And probably would have lost one more either dead or wounded in the house fighting. This is the first game where the SP-74 was not a star performer. Causing one casualty. And damaging a APC