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Author Topic: Summit Junction II - attack on hasty defence  (Read 324 times)

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on: May 13, 2020, 09:47:38 AM
EDF forces:
Heavy infantry - 1x leader (R,R,1,3,3 - LAKW1-56) 2x trooper (R,G,1,3,3 - LAKW-156) 1x trooper (R,G,1,3,3 - MAKW2-60)
Heavy infantry - 1x leader (R,R,1,3,3 - MKPW2-18) 3x trooper (R,G,1,3,3 - LAKW-156)
Heavy infantry - 1x leader (R,R,1,3,3 - MKPW2-18) 3x trooper (R,G,1,3,3 - LAKW-156)

ILR forces:
Garrison infantry - 1x leader (R,R,1,3,3 - ML199) 6x trooper (R,G,1,3,3 - ML199) 1x grenadier (R,G,1,3,3 - ML199+AW191)
Garrison infantry - 1x leader (R,R,1,3,3 - ML199) 4x trooper (R,G,1,3,3 - ML199) 1x gunner (R,G,1,3,3 - MG202) 1x loader (R,G,1,3,3 - ML199)

This action represents a typical example of the wider incidents taking place across Summit Junction as the EDF attempts to dislodge the ILR form the town.

EDF dispatched three platoons to sweep and clear a local facility identified by scouts as in the process of setting up a depot to support ILR units in the area. Upon arrival it was noted a hastily painted sign declaring the site to be a 'baby milk factory', although during the operation no bottling facilities, or refrigeration units were observed to bear this out.

Having cleared the outlying buildings, the EDF moved on to the central buildings. Movement was observed within the building so the decision was made to subdue the hostiles with grenades before moving into the building, clearing the place room by room.

Initial success was good with two platoons suppressing half an ILR platoon with minimal injuries. However while moving towards the back of the complex, the troops came under heavy suppressing fire. A grenade in an enclosed space will always cause trouble, and a well placed shot by the ILR effectively eliminated one platoon. The remaining platoon rushed the ILR position, and ensued a heavy firefight as both sides taking damage.

Meanwhile the third platoon moved round the side and came under heavy fire from the other ILR platoon. Taking only minor injuries, the EDF managed to flank and take cover in a building to the side of one the ILR were in. An attempt to subdue the ILR with grenades was ineffective, and the ILR response to rush the EDF was unexpected, taking advantage of numbers and health to push the EDF back, heavily wounding two troopers (one later died from his wounds shortly after).

Despite having the upper hand in this location, the ILR realised they were losing the primary objective, and so withdrew to support the second squad.

An attempt to rush the EDF units in the building was ineffective, with neither side making a significant impact on the other.

Some fortuitously short turns meant the EDF managed to hold the assigned objective for two turns and win the battle.

1x heavy infantry (2 killed, 2 heavily wounded)
1x heavy infantry (1 killed, 1 lightly wounded, 1 heavily wounded)
1x heavy infantry (1 lightly wounded)

Garrison infantry (6 killed, 1 lightly wounded)
Garrison infantry (2 killed, 1 lightly wounded)

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