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Author Topic: Raid on Pebble Park  (Read 889 times)

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on: May 12, 2020, 08:43:40 AM

For the second night running it was night-ops in Chanzori as Lupus Company tried to keep the ILR Assault force occupied whilst its fellow companies engaged in bigger battles on its flanks. For tonight the target chosen was a LARC (assault flyer) pad based in the old Pebble Park.

Lt Chapais took two sections along and no heavy weapons. The opposition were two sections of ILR Assault troops - better armed and armoured than his own. Chapais sent 2 Section rifle group right to provide a diversionary attack against the main entrance, with the gun group on a roof top ready to provide covering fire to whoever needed it. 1 Section would go left flanking and in through a back entrance, hopefully less well guarded.

ILR security patrol, heading for the corner where the EDF will emerge

Unfortunately two ILR guards randomly headed towards that same entrance and the EDF emerged straight into their line of sight. A brief firefight saw 2 dead rabbits, but the alarm had been raised and the main ILR force came streaming out. 2 Section managed to catch a few as they headed for the main gate, but then got bogged down in a sporadic firefight.

ILR stream out, three of their number downed by 2 Section

Chapais drove 1 Section forward, taking the Rifle Gp round to the left of the pad, whilst the Gun Gp went right. Unfortunately the access ramp was on the far side. 1 Section came under fire from emerging Assault Troopers, but Chapais and two troopers held them off whilst two other trooper bravely legged it for the ramp, and made it up to the LARC.

1 Section holds off the ILR whilst 2 critters make it up to the LARC

A nice shot of the 1 Section firefight - note two out-of-ammo markers!

Setting the charges!

A random throw then showed that the EDF needed 2 activations in undisturbed contact with the LARC in order to set the charges and then blow it. The demolition team got one activation, but needed one more. But the ILR Assault Troopers had managed to kill the two critters with Chapais, and Chapais, now wounded tried to hold them back but his gun jammed and he was soon down too. Two ILR rabbits dashed forward, up the ramp, and charged into the EDF critters setting the explosives. The first round went one all, but the second round saw both EDF critters pushed away from their explosives. One of them, nursing a wound, thought better of the fight and left off the platform and ran for cover. The second bravely fought on but succumbed in the third round.

Two ILR charge into the back of the EDF demolition team

Any chance of blowing the LARC was now gone. OC 2 Section took charge, and ordered a withdrawal. His team had been fighting off ILR coming round both sides of a container, having a lucky break when a grenade failed to explode, but had inflicted enough damage on the ILR that the ILR section was temporarily stunned. 2 Section, and the Gun Gp of 1 Section slipped back into the dark and off the board.

Demo team pushed back, and effectively game over

A great game, and a real nail-biter as to whether the EDF would blow the LARC. The EDF suffered from 2 Section Gun Gp having blocked LoS to the action the whole time and never firing a round, and even 1 Section Gun Gp was poorly utilised. Had the ramp been in any other configuration (randomly chosen) it could have been a very different game. EDF suffered 4 losses, ILR 5, but an ILR victory as the EDF failed to blow the LARC.