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Author Topic: Summit Junction west  (Read 1166 times)

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on: April 14, 2020, 06:49:55 PM
EDF forces:
Command group - 2x officer (E,E,1,3,3 - MPKW2-18) 1x trooper (R,R,1,3,3 - LAKW1-56)
Heavy infantry - 1x leader (R,R,1,3,3 - LAKW1-56) 2x trooper (R,G,1,3,3 - LAKW-156) 1x trooper (R,G,1,3,3 - MAKW2-60)
Heavy infantry - 1x leader (R,R,1,3,3 - LAKW1-56) 2x trooper (R,G,1,3,3 - LAKW-156) 1x trooper (R,G,1,3,3 - MAKW2-60)
Heavy infantry - 1x leader (R,R,1,3,3 - MKPW2-18) 3x trooper (R,G,1,3,3 - LAKW-156)
Heavy infantry - 1x leader (R,R,1,3,3 - MKPW2-18) 3x trooper (R,G,1,3,3 - LAKW-156)
2x AV8F

ILR forces:
Assault infantry - 1x leader (E,E,1,3,3 - ML199) 3x trooper (E,E,1,3,3 - ML199) 1x grenadier (E,E,1,3,3 - ML199+AW191) 1x gunner (E,E,1,3,3 - MG202) 1x loader (E,E,1,3,3 - ML199)
Garrison support - 1x leader (R,R,1,3,3 - ML199) 4x trooper (E,E,1,3,3 - ML199) 1x gunner (E,E,1,3,3 - MG202) 1x loader (E,E,1,3,3 - ML199)
1x SP-74

the skirmish occurred on the western side of the tow, by the railway where the marshalling yard gave way to the town proper. EDF objective was a comms array a short way into the town which if taken would enable disruption of the ILR comms network, as well as a potential to intercept communications.

Having unloaded the EDF started in the marshalling yard and made their way towards the comms array. Movement could be observed in some of the buildings and armour support was noted up near the comms array itself.

First turn, was fairly cagey as the EDF moved up taking advantage of cover. Early incident was when ILR unit moved out of a building to bring grenade fire to the lead AV8F. Damage was taken but nothing critical.

As the second turn progressed, EDF moved their second AV8F to the north of the field, in an attempt to flank the concentrated fire now coming form at least three locations on the lead vehicle. Unfortunately this was too late as sustained fire from the SP-74 destroyed the unit along with the crew..

Turn three saw the remaining AV8F return fire, crippling the SP-74. With the heavy armour gone it was now down to the troops to go building to building flushing out the remaining ILR insurgents.

Turn four saw the ILR start to - pull back inflicting minor injuries as they moved along. but superior and sustained firepower saw the main ILR infantry decimated and the remaining units fled the field.

The units dug in nest to the comms relay proved surprisingly resistant to fire and held out for two more turns, but eventually, with multiple units closing in on them and starting to take injuries themselves, they too left the arena, leaving the comms array in EDF control.

1x Av8F destroyed, crew killed
1x heavy infantry (1 killed, 1 lightly wounded)
1x heavy infantry (2 lightly wounded)
1x heavy infantry (1 heavily wounded)
1x heavy infantry (unharmed)
1x command group (unharmed)

SP-74 disabled, crew escaped unharmed
1x assault infantry (5 dead, 2 lightly wounded)
1x garrison infantry (4 dead, 2 lightly wounded, 1 heavily wounded)