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Author Topic: EDF Dawn Raid on Chanzori  (Read 387 times)

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on: April 09, 2020, 01:55:39 PM
For Lupus Company it was a fighting patrol into Chanzori which we believed that the ILR may be moving in to. EDF has a Section (8 critters) plus PML team, whilst the ILR had a Section (12 critters) plus PML team plus a fireteam of elite Air Assault troops (these were scaled down from the roughly Company +/- forces on the map campaign).

The EDF commander, Lt Casputain, moved up the ridge overlooking the settlement (a mining hab complex) and laid his plan - the LMG , PML and Grenadier would provide overwatch and the firebase, whilst the rifle group pushed forward to seize the objective - the satcom terminal.

Table layout, a few activations in, EDF at bottom moving towards the top

EDF Commanders viewpoint - all quiet in Chanzori

With the first activations the Lt Casputain took up his position, and the rifle group moved into the 'shroom copse on the L. But the support teams resolutely stayed on the table edge. The ILR commander, Lt Kannahai, alerted to the movement hurried his team from their brief kip out into the rocks and scrub outside the hab units - the habs offering few fire positions. The EDF Grenadier scored first blood wounding one of the ILR as they moved forward.

A pensive EDF critter moves through the 'shroom copse

As the ILR and the rifle group exchanged fire the ILR Assault Squad also moved out, taking up position in the 'shroom copse just in front and below the Lt Casputain and his Grenadier's position. The poured withering fire down, wounding the grenadier and stunning the OC. Whilst the main ILR rifle group was reluctant to move out of the cover of the habs the EDF PML team finally got into position and with its first round scored a direct hit on the Lt Kannahai, pinning the whole of his platoon. With only 2 cards left the "reshuffle" card finally came up and the first turn was over.

Two rifle groups in a firefight. Satcom objective in the background.

Two short turns then followed. The EDF rifle and LMG groups caused more damage to the ILR rifle team, and despite his wounds the grenadier was inflicting hits on the ILR Assault Squad. The ILR 2ic finally managed to call in support from one of the LARC gunships but despite 6 shots against the EDF PML team only managed to inflict one head wound - the critter's helmet reducing it from a kill to a wound. Time and time again the EDF body armour was proving its worth!

Sterling work from the EDF PML team

The weight and accuracy of EDF fire (and lack of ILR protection except for the Assault team) was finally taking its toll. The ILR rifle team was eliminated, PML team down to 1 critter, and the Assault team pulling back. Lt Casputain ordered the advance, and he and his rifle team went left flanking making a bee-line for the Satcom, with the LMG and PML still giving covering fire.

EDF Rifle Group legs it forward

Ad hoc ILR fire from the flanks was ineffective, and the EDF team made it to the satcom.

EDF reaches the Satcom dish, engaging ILR hiding by the habs

A quick D3 roll showed they only had to hold it for 1 turn, so after a brief exchange of fire in the next turn with the ILR rifle team still cowering between the has (and two more ILR casualties), the Reshuffle card marking end of turn came up and it was game over. 10 ILR dead for only 2 EDF wounded (1 and 2 pt), out of 16 ILR and 10 EDF critters.

Lt Casputain sends the Mission Accomplished signal

Within the first couple of activations I was reminded of just how nice a system ACP164 is to play. The multi-function cards make everything so easy, and all the results are believable.  EDF protection certainly made a difference. I nearly lost the EDF commander (and the ILR lost theirs), and given the importance of commander in this game I think next time I might give each of them a runner/radio op, but keep them back, and put the grenadier in with the rifle team. PML's were vicious (and never missed - luck of the cards) more so than the LMG, and there may be a case for giving them a reload action.

The EDF plan actually worked out exactly as intended - must be a first, although the OC almost lost his will so it looked dicey at one point.

The "AI" worked pretty well. The ILR started in Normal stance, but were only in Defensive at the end. Each ILR unit rolled for its action each activation, and at the end of each turn the stance was adjusted based on failures, morale and losses. I may have a few tweaks which I'll suggest in the Forums.

All in all a great game, and we'll see how it impacts the campaign, and how the solo game my ILR opponent played compares to mine!