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Author Topic: Valiant defense of Summit Junction!  (Read 495 times)

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on: April 07, 2020, 03:56:59 AM
Heroic ILR troopers held off a ill advised attack by the treacherous ConFed Forces who clearly only want your world for the valuable mines.

Elements of F company in prepared positions took only light losses today during the attack.
2 wounded one Immobilized SP-74
The EDF forces lost a Aero4 Transport and 5 fatalitys 2 wounded.

Notes on the Scenario. i summarized hopefully not incorrectly, that the EDF forces where attacking prepared positions without benefit of Force parity in units, let alone a 3-1 attack ratio.
about half way thru the fight i overrode the AI dice rolls to make sure the EDF did things that where sensible (EDF forces with no close combat capable weapons attempting to charge prepared positions of units that specialize in close combat was not reasonable to me) the first few turns the EDF did not move much. on turn 2 they called in the Hog Which was held in reserve. And it maneuvered shortly to bring its load master into position to fire down upon the ILR troops. A risky and extremely lucky shot by the SP-74 got a brew up result on a penetrating hit after the Aero4 had only 1 turn of fire.

The Lose of the Aero transport Galvanized the EDF forces who charged firing into the Rabbit positions inflicting several stun counters but ultimately causing no damage.  by time they where close enough to throw grenades into the fortified positions they had taken further losses and fell back into a covered position.

on turn 4 the EDF left hand element that had taken very heavy casualties already (50%) charged the SP74 with grenades based on a morale card check. gaining a mobility kill on the scout car.

I honestly fully expected this to not go as well for the rabbits as it did, but the combination of bad initial losses and the short life of the Aero unit brought this fight to a foregone conclusion.

i took a lot of pictures but can not see how to attach them organically to this post. unsure why so I will provide links to the photos following.

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