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Author Topic: Intercepted traffic: GNN News Report  (Read 1387 times)

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on: April 01, 2020, 11:21:24 PM
(Fade from black)

A large tiger wearing a Hawaiian shirt and shorts is speaking into the camera.

He says:  “This is Kenn Harlinen reporting from the planet Jika.   Most of you won’t have ever heard of this place, but until yesterday this was a quiet mining colony, made special only by very large fungi and some icky scaly things.  But today, it’s the scene of intense military activity.

As you can see behind me, there are aerodynes coming and going, and armed troops in the streets of Jikadown, where it looks like the population has doubled overnight.  We’re trying to get more information, or an interview with the EDF command, but so far, details are sketchy, to say the least.”

He ducks as a particularly large and heavily loaded Aerodyne flies over, heading out to sea.

“But it doesn’t end there.  I was talking to a contact in Brennu, three thousand km to the south of here, and Jika’s second city.  She was describing movement at the spaceport, and what looked like armoured vehicles and flyers being loaded up for movement.  But we’ve lost comms with Brennu at present, and nobody seems to know when they will be restored.”

“It’s clear that something has happened here, or is about to happen at any rate.  GNN is on the spot and will keep you posted.”

This is Kenn Harlinen, GNN, Jika.”

“OK kids, let’s get a wide angle and then beat feet.”

(Transmission ends)
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