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on: March 27, 2020, 02:05:53 PM
The planet Jika, as named by the settlers, is an arid, rocky place.

It is one of seventeen planets crammed into the densely populated solar system N36234, which is on the very fringes of settled space.   Jika is chiefly of interest because it is one of the few sources of a rare earth that contains Erbium.  Erbium is prohibitively expensive to manufacture, and - apart from making glass pink creates massive efficiency in fibreoptic communications and lasers.
Both the EDF and the ILR are extremely interested in controlling the erbium mines, and because N36234 is not located in any formally claimed space, both are taking steps to secure it.  Jika has now become a battleground in a shadow war that nobody talks about.

This campaign is intended to be played using the new solitaire rules, (attached) with people playing individually and reporting their results here:

On a weekly basis, results will be collated, and the data used to shape the course of the campaign.

I will allocate each player to a faction (ILR or EDF) based on the information you provided.  Working with your team mates, you will fight for control of the planet.

The next few posts explain the mechanics of that, and add a few campaign related special rules.

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