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on: November 04, 2019, 05:58:13 PM
<< EDF contact report >>
<< Record no: 011119/20 >>
<< Location: 12.7 clicks west of Bowdor province base camp >>
<< Filed by: Sergeant Talmenda >>

After an uneventful days patrol on outer edge of EDF territory, our squad prepared to make camp at 1840 hours, at an abandoned science station on the edge of the plain. Having secured the area and set perimeters, it seemed that we had barely had time to set up the cook pot when the detector on the northern edge was triggered. Private Pantia was despatched to check it out, and he'd barely had time to clear the main complex building before coming under fire from enemy units. We’re not sure exactly what their objective was, but the speed and direction which they moved through the facility indicated that they were not interested in getting bogged down in a firefight with ourselves. My estimate was that there were seven units, and uniforms were of standard ILR units and not the elite forces we'd heard were operating in the area. Moving my squad to the back of the building we prepared to return fire.

Private Tari moved up to support Pantia at the left of the building, while myself and Private Gando moved to the right. Tari and Pantia returned fire with two ILR units forming their rearguard and after a short firefight eliminated one, and forcing the other to withdraw to the rear of the hab block. Meanwhile myself and Gando set up to deal.with the rest of the force. As previously mentioned the speed with which the intruders moved through the area surprised us, and before we had a chance to properly set up a response they had already moved through the centre ground beyond the perimeter. Private Gando managed to wound the remaining attacker, but his distance meant he had moved beyond our range before we could put proper suppressing fire on him. Instead we radioed back to HQ, reset our perimeter checks, this time augmented with paired patrols.

Our second contact of the night occurred about an hour after the initial contact, and again was with what appeared to be another scouting party intent on following a similar path to the first group. This time our improved preparedness meant we had locked down the centre ground, and we're able to put up a far more substantial defence. Again the ILR attempted to move between the hab block and store, moving on our location in the main building. However this time I moved Pantia and Gando to the left and right of the building respectively to hold them in place while myself and Tari created a kill zone from the door and window facing into the area. This way we managed to eliminate half of the enemy squad without too much difficulty.

One scary moment was when one of the rabbits managed to move up the front of the building and attempted to throw a grenade into the building, however fortune favoured us as the grenade bounced off a shelf and back out of the window onto the surprised rabbit, mortally wounding him. Private Tari responded by putting him out of his pain.

Down to two units, the enemy finally managed to move past our field of fire and should have been an easy target for Private Gando to finish, had it not been for an empty ammunition clip which when replaced, jammed the gun on a subsequent attempt to shoot. This sadly left Gando in the field of their fire. Myself and Tari attempted to support him, but both our guns failed to fire, which meant that the rabbits brutally mowed him down before moving out of range.

It's never easy to lose a soldier in your care, and in the two months I had the honour to work alongside Private Gando I found him to be an asset to the team. His lost will be felt by not just the squad, but the whole platoon too.

Attached to this report is a copy of my letter of condolence to his family, as well as my report to the quartermaster regarding the importance of issuing battle-ready weapons to frontline teams.

Sergeant Talmenda

<< Report ends >>
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