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on: October 04, 2018, 05:22:40 AM
Hi there,

   Spam and spammers are both features of the modern Internet.  For this reason, we’ve blocked access to membership of the website for ACP.  However, in the near future, we’ll need to open it up, and, having just deleted three pages of fakers, it’s clear we need a better system than direct application.

Why do you need access to the web site?  Well, soon it will host “The NET” which will be ACP’s wiki site, and will initially only be available to kickstarter backers.

The NET has three parts:

  • The Rules section contains the current version of all the ACP rules, as well as a link to the current published PDF download.  We want to have a “living ruleset”, with updates based on your feedback.  We’ll update the PDF version quarterly, based on the input we get. 
  • The Source will contain articles and background about the Albedo game setting, based initially on the sourcebook content, but expanding over time.  Again, we will value your input to this, and will curate the best inputs for inclusion in the wiki.
  • The Universe will contain star maps, system and planet data and other information.  This will play an important role in our future plans, but exactly what is still a secret, for now.

To get access to all this spiffing content, you will need to follow this process:
  • Join the forum
  • Post a note underneath this notice with your forum name, and with the line “Request NET access, please”
  • An admin will create a web site account with the same name as your forum name, and you will get an email with your temporary password.
  • Naturally, you will need to change your password on first login.

Thanks for your interest and understanding.

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