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Author Topic: ACP 164: Introductory scenario from main rule book.  (Read 1710 times)

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A couple of weeks ago, my good friend Patrick had an unexpected free afternoon so we decided to have a go at the introductory ACP164 scenario - Defence of the Science Station.

Set on a planet, many light years away from Arras Chankra an ILR Planetary Invasion Fleet has recently landed and plan to annex Ralon186 to the Republic,

Taken by surprise, the planetary HomeGuard were quickly overthrown at the starport and main population centres, however there are many pockets of resistance that need to be cleared before the ILR can claim a complete victory.

Science Station Z1430 was a biological research station, engaged in valuable research to determine if cultivated plants could be used to supplement the critters mainly synthesized diet. A single section of 8 HomeGuard had been tasked with its defense, however the platoon HQ was also located in the building and an additional section were close enough to support if reinforcement was necessary.

All was set for an exciting afternoons gaming. Loads more photos and battle report on my hobby blog @