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Reply #15 on: December 13, 2018, 06:11:11 AM
ILR command probably liked your brother quite a lot, especially int the early part of the political destabilization aspects of the campaign.

The story I am sharing is from a little later when hostility's where open, the dirty tricks where not paying off as well in the strategic sense,  and the mental cost of the conflict was starting to affect everybody. some got harder and more sadistic, some found ways to ease the pain.

Natero's battle field performance across his company's frontage was exemplary. And they held much longer than command expected (especially given his refusal of certain opportunity's)  The EDF certainly does not consider him a hero but he is also not a war criminal. ( think Honorable bad guy doing a job, more than evil sadist enjoying his work, and you will peg the character of Natero quite well.) 

On a side note My own writing tends to recoil from true "evil" in characters.

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Reply #16 on: December 13, 2018, 07:11:24 AM
ILR command probably liked your brother quite a lot, especially int the early part of the political destabilization aspects of the campaign.
On a side note My own writing tends to recoil from true "evil" in characters.

Yeah My brother had a real dark streak and he read deeper into the evil aspect of the rabbits in the comics than I did.

Plus he had a bit of a rivalry with Derek. I think he just wanted to get his goat (No goats were harmed in this event that I know of.)

And I kinda wanted to take Derek down a few pegs. He was a wee bit arrogant after boot.

Sooo I let Scott do the dirty deeds (done with sheep.)

I've been reading the comics again. I missed ALOT. I'm thinking I wasn't dark enough and Scott had the gist of it.

The net is partly behind the anarchist terrorists. (!!?!?)

The ILR is MUCH worse than I'd thot. Very much like Scott played them.

And now my experience in "real" life makes me a bit more cynical. So I'll try to write up the story as a bunch of "lesser evil" choices and see where it goes.

As a younger person/player I was a half ass'd good guy. The character I wanted to play was a home guard who was part of his planets EDF liaison and got dragged along to the Derzon misadventure.

He/I was/am a constitutionalist by nature with out much greed and too much sympathy.

20 odd years on I'm mostly the same but see the evils of the "free" market crapitalist scum that the ILR/U.S. are...

I see how the ConFed/EDF are the better route but I also see how they've become corrupt.

I wonder if they'll show the slow decline that the ConFed/EDF took after Derzon that had to have started during the first war.

Wonder if that'll have any effect in the tactical level?

So I/my character want/s to go back to the farm...back to my cabin all out in the woods..

(Did it really say: "Back to the howling old owl in the woods"...interesting...Yeah I have a bad habit of thinking in song lyrics and I'm trying to become a better punster...)

I wonder if they'll take individual morale/planetary loyalty into account?


Yeah there's GOTTA be a new RPG for Albedo...

I wanna play both!


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Reply #17 on: January 31, 2019, 01:50:47 AM
want to know about your character ,answer please in this style

Name: ? character name ,not login
Archetype: ?
Powers/Weapons: ? for silver members only if you have Blade or Soldier ,tell what weapons you using ,for gold tell what you using ,gadgeteering etc
Level ?

Reason you choose this character and powers : ?


Name: Gay Lord
Archetype : The Blade
Powers: broadsword , or hot it is called ,not katana

Reason: Because The Blade is my type of characters ,close combat with swords is for me  etc

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Reply #18 on: February 27, 2019, 02:49:51 AM
I suppose I might try and make a post here as well, though the background stories I've managed to come up with may be a bit too fantastical for a proper science/military universe.  :-[

Name & Rank: Lieutenant 1st class Samara
Species: Fox (is anyone surprised, really  ::))
Organisation: EDF Surface Operations, Mechanized

Formerly lieutenant commander up until her involvement in losing a highly productive resource colony to the ILR and, supposedly, the remarks she made to her commanding officers in debriefing
regarding the cost-effectiveness of the planet now since it wasn't cost effective to reinforce the colony's defences despite the several requests she submitted.

On account of her defensive strategy making the ILR's victory a very costly one despite their overwhelming forces and her earlier performance she got away with a demotion but obviously did not make many friends amongst the higher ups.
She is also under slight suspicion for being rather friendly with, and protective of, her young lapine aide.

Taller than the average female fox and in fine physical condition, she generally carries a standard-issue MPKW 2-18 SMG or, if the quartermasters have been generous, a LAKW 1-30 carbine, backed up by a PAKW 4-2 pistol
and her "lucky" riot baton that she picked up during the retreat from the fateful colony battle plus a few grenades for those crowded rooms.

While a capable shot and decent hand-to-hand combatant, her main talent is making certain that what little resources she has at her disposal are in the right place at the right time so that most can be made of them without
needlessly endangering her troops.
The dislike and suspicion she's under, however, means that her unit rarely gets assigned any high quality gear and generally has to make do with second-rate vehicles.

Having lost several friends and far too many troopers under her command, she is tired and never expects anyone to bring any good news but is unwilling to give in and will do her best to keep the citizens of the Confederation safe from ILR aggression.

And an attempt at a ILR character too:

Name & Rank: Captain Tea
Species: Lapine
Organisation: ILR Ground Forces (apologies, I've not managed to find many details about their military organization)

Originally a field medic who had to take command of what little remained of her unit during a catastrophic offensive and who managed to get them cohesive enough to actually take their objective.
Awarded with the rank of lieutenant, she went on to demonstrate competent command skills although it was noted that she preferred caution and the minimizing of casualties on both sides as well as doing her utmost
to make certain civilians were not harmed.
It was also noted that she refused to utilize certain tactics (which some may have considered immoral) that other, more efficient officers utilized and often personally provided medical care to captured EDF personnel or any unfortunate civilians that'd been hurt in the crossfire.

Given that she was considered somewhat of a disappointment no one truly paid much attention to her career until someone thought that she might be more useful the to ILR cause as a propaganda tool, given her considerably
more amiable reputation when compared to certain other ILR officers that'd surely warrant a more friendly response from civilians and likely make even EDF forces consider surrender a bit more seriously if they knew the opposition was led by
someone who'd treat them humanely (critterly?).

Promoted to captain to better play her part, she is now regularly deployed to fronts where the ILR prefers to sway the public opinion to their side and carefully curated video material of her achievements is also used for the same purpose as well as to raise the morale of ILR's own forces.

Although not happy with her role, she accepts it if only because it warrants her a little more say in how her forces are used and prisoners plus civilians are treated, though all captured officers are naturally taken away to be interrogated.

Slender and unassuming, she rarely carries anything other than a MLP 101 pistol but sometimes does have medical equipment with her and is usually accompanied by a pair of bodyguards to assure her safety.

An average shot but rather inexperienced melee combatant, Tea shows some talent in defensive tactics and troops under her command are usually happier, knowing that they are led by someone who actually cares about their well-being.

While disheartened by the behaviour of more hardened officers, it's rare for her to greet people with anything other than a smile and she remains hopeful that perhaps, just perhaps, others may follow her example.

Edit: cleared things up a bit, shouldn't type things out at 4AM..
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Reply #19 on: April 07, 2019, 11:56:45 PM
Species: Fox (is anyone surprised, really  ::))

Actually yes. In the "Albedo desert lands" where you are cut off from most people who are into Albedo, I always thought that cats are far more popular than foxes :)

Austria - usually we don't have kangaroos.