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Battle reports / Prollo's Push, actual version
« Last post by Prollo on April 08, 2020, 12:34:29 PM »
Had to use a word doc as it just wouldn't work otherwise.
Battle reports / Battle Report - Prollo's push at Summit Junction
« Last post by Prollo on April 08, 2020, 12:27:19 PM »
Albedo – Jika Campaign AAR

Prollo’s push at Summit Junction:

EDF mixed mechanised force with Airborne support assault a dug in ILR Mech Company.
For the setup, did best I could with minis at hand. There was a full Section of EDF mech inf, plus a small part of a mech support squad, with AV8F2 (freshly printed proxy), and a LARC pretending to be a Gun3 with light Airborne troops inside. ILR were a full mech squad with PT69T in support, all dug in; plus half of a support platoon squad (with an EDF pml, filling in as an ILR one) on the roof.

About / Re: Available assets
« Last post by Deredo on April 08, 2020, 07:29:23 AM »
ILR forces

Col Ameneha
14 troopers with carbines
3 LMG troopers
2 grenade launchers
1 sniper
1 rocket launcher
5 converts
1 NCO with pistol
3 assault rifles

EDF Forces
1 officer
1 Erma Felna in dress uniform
1 Erma and Toki in battle rattle
2 NCO with pistols
1 Sniper
1 Rocket Launcher
1 LMG Team
2 Grenade launchers
9 troopers  with standard rifles
6 troopers with carbines

Limited to Erma and Toki in civvies and one doctor/scientist

Light woods
Mostly township type buildings
Painting and Scenery Showcase / Re: Albedo Painting Competition
« Last post by M_J_Simmons on April 08, 2020, 07:14:43 AM »
Do we tag them here or on other social media such as Facebook with #minicomp20
About / Re: New signups
« Last post by Deredo on April 07, 2020, 09:40:16 PM »
Hello Mike, I'd like to  enlist, I only have infantry but two ACP 164 starter sets(8EDF and 16 ILR) and a few specialists are available.
Battle reports / Valiant defense of Summit Junction!
« Last post by Deniper on April 07, 2020, 03:56:59 AM »
Heroic ILR troopers held off a ill advised attack by the treacherous ConFed Forces who clearly only want your world for the valuable mines.

Elements of F company in prepared positions took only light losses today during the attack.
2 wounded one Immobilized SP-74
The EDF forces lost a Aero4 Transport and 5 fatalitys 2 wounded.

Notes on the Scenario. i summarized hopefully not incorrectly, that the EDF forces where attacking prepared positions without benefit of Force parity in units, let alone a 3-1 attack ratio.
about half way thru the fight i overrode the AI dice rolls to make sure the EDF did things that where sensible (EDF forces with no close combat capable weapons attempting to charge prepared positions of units that specialize in close combat was not reasonable to me) the first few turns the EDF did not move much. on turn 2 they called in the Hog Which was held in reserve. And it maneuvered shortly to bring its load master into position to fire down upon the ILR troops. A risky and extremely lucky shot by the SP-74 got a brew up result on a penetrating hit after the Aero4 had only 1 turn of fire.

The Lose of the Aero transport Galvanized the EDF forces who charged firing into the Rabbit positions inflicting several stun counters but ultimately causing no damage.  by time they where close enough to throw grenades into the fortified positions they had taken further losses and fell back into a covered position.

on turn 4 the EDF left hand element that had taken very heavy casualties already (50%) charged the SP74 with grenades based on a morale card check. gaining a mobility kill on the scout car.

I honestly fully expected this to not go as well for the rabbits as it did, but the combination of bad initial losses and the short life of the Aero unit brought this fight to a foregone conclusion.

i took a lot of pictures but can not see how to attach them organically to this post. unsure why so I will provide links to the photos following.

Battle reports / Battle report - Bohini road incident
« Last post by Felna on April 05, 2020, 04:42:12 PM »
EDF forces:
Command group - 2x officer (E,E,1,3,3 - MPKW2-18) 1x trooper (R,R,1,3,3 - LAKW1-56)
Airmobile light infantry - 1x leader (E,E,1,3,3 - MKPW2-18) 3x trooper (E,E,1,3,3 - LAKW1-56)
Heavy infantry - 1x leader (R,R,1,3,3 - LAKW1-56) 2x trooper (R,G,1,3,3 - LAKW-156) 1x trooper (R,G,1,3,3 - MAKW2-60)
Heavy infantry - 1x leader (R,R,1,3,3 - LAKW1-56) 2x trooper (R,G,1,3,3 - LAKW-156) 1x trooper (R,G,1,3,3 - MAKW2-60)
Heavy infantry - 1x leader (R,R,1,3,3 - MKPW2-18) 3x trooper (R,G,1,3,3 - LAKW-156)

ILR forces:
Planetary assault group - 1x leader (R,R,1,3,3 - ML199) 5x trooper (R,R,1,3,3 - ML199) 1x trooper (R,R,1,3,3 - ML199+AW191)
Assault infantry - 1x leader (E,E,1,3,3 - ML199) 4x trooper (E,E,1,3,3 - ML199) 1x trooper (E,E,1,3,3 - ML199+AW191) 1x trooper (E,E,1,3,3 - MG202)

Contact made on Bohini road just west of the town. No time was given to dig in so company had to run to nearest cover available and assess the situation. Observers spotted ILR force comprising of two platoons.
Initial movement was careful as the company moved up to intercept using available cover. ILR observed a single platoon remained back to hold buildings, while assault infantry moved forward to engage.

EDF forces split up to engage: airmobile and one heavy infantry moved up the road to engage directly; while remaining squads moved down the side to flank enemy positions. Command unit remained in the back to oversee and direct. Initial engagement was fierce, and the resulting crossfire caused heavy damage to the ILR assault platoon killing three units and wounding several others. Reactive fire from ILR was inconclusive, failing to cause any injury.

EDF crossfire continued eliminating the remaining units in ILR platoon. An ill-advised attempt to move up by platoon on the left side led them to walk straight into heavy fire from ILR, killing two soldiers instantly in the initial volley, including the squad leader, and wounding the remaining troopers. The survivors panicked and ran from the field (soldiers were recovered by outlying patrol later and now in med centre receiving care and psychological support).

Despite being heavily outnumbered, the ILR platoon brought heavy suppressing fire to bear on remaining units, particularly the airmobile platoon, who lost a trooper, and took serious injuries. One noticeable incident at this point was one member of the squad who despite his unit taking heavy damage broke cover and ran at the enemy, screaming obscenities.

Whether it was this brave act of defiance, or just an awareness of other units moving up form multiple directions. The remaining ILR platoon took this opportunity to decamp from their defensive position and retreat, leaving the field in EDF control.

1x heavy infantry (2 dead, 2 incapacitated)
1x airmobile unit (1 dead, 2 seriously wounded, 1 unharmed)
2x heavy infantry (unharmed)
1x command group (unharmed)

1x assault unit (7 dead)
1x assault group (2 lightly wounded, 5 unharmed)

General Discussion / Solitaire campaign is now alive.
« Last post by ACP_Mike on April 05, 2020, 03:10:24 PM »
Hi all,

   there are still slots left on both sides of the solitaire campaign, and now the processes have bedded down, first shots have been fired.  If you are interested in joining in, let us know!

Painting and Scenery Showcase / Albedo Painting Competition
« Last post by ACP_Chris on April 03, 2020, 04:29:46 PM »
Mike Wilson, ACP164 author has very generously set up a painting competition to keep us busy during the current crisis.The competition will be judged (by Mike) on April 30th. There are two classes, an EDF unit and an ILR unit, these can of course be a military unit, an armored unit, a civilian resistance unit or a police / security unit. Mike Wilson says... "The prize for each will be a £30 gift voucher for ACP miniatures... sorry, I don’t have enough toilet paper to share.

Please tag your post #minicomp20 so I can find it easily!"
General Discussion / Re: Where do we all live?
« Last post by M_J_Simmons on April 02, 2020, 05:47:06 PM »
Littleton, CO (Just South and West of Denver)