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Battle reports / Summit Junction III - attack on unprepared defence
« Last post by Felna on May 18, 2020, 10:05:41 AM »
EDF forces:
Heavy infantry - 1x leader (R,R,1,3,3 - LAKW1-56) 2x trooper (R,G,1,3,3 - LAKW-156) 1x trooper (R,G,1,3,3 - MAKW2-60)
Heavy infantry - 1x leader (R,R,1,3,3 - LAKW1-56) 2x trooper (R,G,1,3,3 - LAKW-156) 1x trooper (R,G,1,3,3 - MAKW2-60)
Heavy infantry - 1x leader (R,R,1,3,3 - MKPW2-18) 3x trooper (R,G,1,3,3 - LAKW-156)
Heavy infantry - 1x leader (R,R,1,3,3 - MKPW2-18) 3x trooper (R,G,1,3,3 - LAKW-156)

ILR forces:
Assault infantry - 1x leader (E,E,1,3,3 - ML199) 3x trooper (E,E,1,3,3 - ML199) 1x grenadier (E,E,1,3,3 - ML199+AW191) 1x gunner (E,E,1,3,3 - MG202) 1x loader (E,E,1,3,3 - ML199)
Garrison infantry - 1x leader (R,R,1,3,3 - ML199) 4x trooper (R,G,1,3,3 - ML199) 1x gunner (R,G,1,3,3 - MG202) 1x loader (R,G,1,3,3 - ML199)

In what should have been a quiet sector of summit junction, EDF soldiers on rotation stand-down were surprised by the arrival of an ILR patrol in the area.

Early afternoon on the edge of Summit Junction, EDF troops had just completed resupply at a local depot, when the now familiar rumble of the ILR scout cars that have been infesting the area and causing trouble for the EDF. Grabbing their weapons and running for the nearest available cover, the troops waited to see what was facing them. A small fire team placed on lookout on top of one of the gantries reported two platoons of ILR approaching supported by an SP-74

Early stages were fairly inconclusive, with the fire team providing covering fire which sent the rabbits running for the boundary wall to the landing platforms, but doing no real damage. It did however provide enough cover to allow the EDF to take up defensive positions the other side of the platforms.

One brave platoon used the opportunity to bring a second LMG to provide a more effective cover form the centre of the platform. They came under heavy return fire while setting up, which saw half the squad killed by strafing fire from the ILR mech. This in turn saw the AV8F return fire, and after several rounds deflecting off the armour, a lucky penetrating shot 'brewed up' the SP-74, but not before two of the crew escaped the inferno.

The next round saw more inconclusive fire exchanged, although the EDF mech managed to send the advancing garrison infantry running back for cover on the left hand side, pinning them down. While combined fire from the LMG and other infantry, inflicted casualties on the ILR assault infantry causing them to pull back as well.

A brave move from the ILR crew however saw them approach and attack the LMG position, killing the LMG and wounding the remaining unit.

However by this stage a second unit of infantry had climbed the platform and cut them down with a hail of fire.

Possible emboldened by the crews actions the assault infantry returned to the centre of the battle, while continued fire from the AV8F sent the other ILR unit running from the field.

However the time that these manoeuvres took meant the remaining EDF units were able to move forward, and sensing that discretion might be the order of the day, the remaining ILR troops once again fled the battlefield, not before leaving a final parting shot a lucky grenade fired at the AV8F managed to penetrate a viewing port, with the internal explosion killing the crew and disabling the vehicle. A reminder that, even when on the back foot, the ILR should never be underestimated as an opponent.

1x heavy infantry (3 killed, 1 lightly wounded)
1x heavy infantry (1 lightly wounded)
1x AV8F destroyed, crew killed

Assault infantry (3 killed, 1 lightly wounded, 1 heavily wounded)
Garrison infantry (2 killed, 2 lightly wounded)
1x SP74 destroyed (two crew escaped with light wounds, subsequently killed in action)

Battle reports / EDF meeting engagement on outskirts of Summit Junction
« Last post by Prollo on May 17, 2020, 02:31:21 AM »
EDF meeting engagement on outskirts of Summit Junction
Battle reports / ILR attack on Hasty Defense at Summit Junction
« Last post by Deniper on May 14, 2020, 10:15:27 PM »
deployed 2 sections of EDF infantry in barracks with one small section on patrol at the time the ILR attack began. 2 APCs in shutdown mode parked out side of the barracks. ILR began game with 2 sections of reduced strenght on foot and a full section riding in a P-69t. preceeding the P-69t was a SP-74 scout. during the first turn of the game the scout car rushed forward fireing at the EDF scouts. causing stuns but no damage. the APC followed while the ILR infantry made their way thru cover to the left flank of the town.  one section of EDF infantry moved towards the roof of the 2 story building they where in to take up fireing positions. while the other section moved out and to thier right of a small building useing a civilian car as cover.
the Scout car after a brief exchange of fire pushed thru the 2 civilian vehicles critically injuring one of the guards that was using it for cover. (failed reaction check) after moving forward the scout found itself under mg fire from the roof top. the exchange of fire between the scout and the roof top squad would last most of the rest of the game.
the EDF guard squad attempted to pull itself together but having lost one of its outlying members and the other being totally cut off from assistance never got opportunity to assault either armored vehicle.
one of the EDF APCs came on line and fired its beam laser at the scout missing. which earned it several 27mm autocannon rounds one of which damaged the AV8g's primary weapon. meanwhile the ILR APC dismounted its infantry section who moved towards the exchange of fire that was occuring on the ILR left flank.
the EDF section on the ground was involved in a exchange of fire with 5 rabbits in cover. when due to a tremendous bit of luck they wounded or killed 3 of the team they where fighting. this exchange prompted the 2 observing officers to fall back and call for the APC to pick them up at the edge of the battlefield.

the cut off guard who was fireing at any target of opportunity found himself surrounded by a full section of ILR soldiers and after a scuffle was hoisted off by 2 rabbits to be secured in the waiting P=69t meanwhile a second section joined the ground fighting and thru weight of fire finally reduced that squad by 3 troops.
the section on the roof found itself with a casualty and under continuous bombardment by the SP74 about time they got out from the various stun counters another volly was coming in. they did manage to get a solid non penetration hit that caused the crew to bail out. which gave them breathing room to inflict fire on infantry for 2 turns causing 2 wounds.
the operational EDF APC found itself under attack by rabbits with variable grenades which knocked out its ability to maneuver any farther. so with a damaged beam weapon and no movement the crew stayed put and tried sensibly to be a non target.

at this point the ILR was storming the building the P69t had picked up the officers and had the prisoner aboard and was prepared to leave the area of engagement. the guard squad (who had miserable action rolls and never really got to do any thing.) was in cover behind a truck and the remaining 2 sections (7 rabbits total) where moving towards the building with a lone EDF riflemen between them and their objective. at this time i had to call the game off due to time.
One EDF AV8g had never gotten the required roll to come active as reserves ( a situation which suprised me) the other never really got a chance to perform its dutys. in the future i should have added a PML to each side as well as at least one additional squad to give me a little more options in force balance.

one EDF APC mobility kill on a non pen variable grenade hit. 5 EDF casualties 2 wounded. 1 POW. ILR lost 3 troopers including 1 corporal. And probably would have lost one more either dead or wounded in the house fighting. This is the first game where the SP-74 was not a star performer. Causing one casualty. And damaging a APC
Battle reports / Summit Junction II - attack on hasty defence
« Last post by Felna on May 13, 2020, 09:47:38 AM »
EDF forces:
Heavy infantry - 1x leader (R,R,1,3,3 - LAKW1-56) 2x trooper (R,G,1,3,3 - LAKW-156) 1x trooper (R,G,1,3,3 - MAKW2-60)
Heavy infantry - 1x leader (R,R,1,3,3 - MKPW2-18) 3x trooper (R,G,1,3,3 - LAKW-156)
Heavy infantry - 1x leader (R,R,1,3,3 - MKPW2-18) 3x trooper (R,G,1,3,3 - LAKW-156)

ILR forces:
Garrison infantry - 1x leader (R,R,1,3,3 - ML199) 6x trooper (R,G,1,3,3 - ML199) 1x grenadier (R,G,1,3,3 - ML199+AW191)
Garrison infantry - 1x leader (R,R,1,3,3 - ML199) 4x trooper (R,G,1,3,3 - ML199) 1x gunner (R,G,1,3,3 - MG202) 1x loader (R,G,1,3,3 - ML199)

This action represents a typical example of the wider incidents taking place across Summit Junction as the EDF attempts to dislodge the ILR form the town.

EDF dispatched three platoons to sweep and clear a local facility identified by scouts as in the process of setting up a depot to support ILR units in the area. Upon arrival it was noted a hastily painted sign declaring the site to be a 'baby milk factory', although during the operation no bottling facilities, or refrigeration units were observed to bear this out.

Having cleared the outlying buildings, the EDF moved on to the central buildings. Movement was observed within the building so the decision was made to subdue the hostiles with grenades before moving into the building, clearing the place room by room.

Initial success was good with two platoons suppressing half an ILR platoon with minimal injuries. However while moving towards the back of the complex, the troops came under heavy suppressing fire. A grenade in an enclosed space will always cause trouble, and a well placed shot by the ILR effectively eliminated one platoon. The remaining platoon rushed the ILR position, and ensued a heavy firefight as both sides taking damage.

Meanwhile the third platoon moved round the side and came under heavy fire from the other ILR platoon. Taking only minor injuries, the EDF managed to flank and take cover in a building to the side of one the ILR were in. An attempt to subdue the ILR with grenades was ineffective, and the ILR response to rush the EDF was unexpected, taking advantage of numbers and health to push the EDF back, heavily wounding two troopers (one later died from his wounds shortly after).

Despite having the upper hand in this location, the ILR realised they were losing the primary objective, and so withdrew to support the second squad.

An attempt to rush the EDF units in the building was ineffective, with neither side making a significant impact on the other.

Some fortuitously short turns meant the EDF managed to hold the assigned objective for two turns and win the battle.

1x heavy infantry (2 killed, 2 heavily wounded)
1x heavy infantry (1 killed, 1 lightly wounded, 1 heavily wounded)
1x heavy infantry (1 lightly wounded)

Garrison infantry (6 killed, 1 lightly wounded)
Garrison infantry (2 killed, 1 lightly wounded)

Battle reports / Raid on Pebble Park
« Last post by davidburden on May 12, 2020, 08:43:40 AM »

For the second night running it was night-ops in Chanzori as Lupus Company tried to keep the ILR Assault force occupied whilst its fellow companies engaged in bigger battles on its flanks. For tonight the target chosen was a LARC (assault flyer) pad based in the old Pebble Park.

Lt Chapais took two sections along and no heavy weapons. The opposition were two sections of ILR Assault troops - better armed and armoured than his own. Chapais sent 2 Section rifle group right to provide a diversionary attack against the main entrance, with the gun group on a roof top ready to provide covering fire to whoever needed it. 1 Section would go left flanking and in through a back entrance, hopefully less well guarded.

ILR security patrol, heading for the corner where the EDF will emerge

Unfortunately two ILR guards randomly headed towards that same entrance and the EDF emerged straight into their line of sight. A brief firefight saw 2 dead rabbits, but the alarm had been raised and the main ILR force came streaming out. 2 Section managed to catch a few as they headed for the main gate, but then got bogged down in a sporadic firefight.

ILR stream out, three of their number downed by 2 Section

Chapais drove 1 Section forward, taking the Rifle Gp round to the left of the pad, whilst the Gun Gp went right. Unfortunately the access ramp was on the far side. 1 Section came under fire from emerging Assault Troopers, but Chapais and two troopers held them off whilst two other trooper bravely legged it for the ramp, and made it up to the LARC.

1 Section holds off the ILR whilst 2 critters make it up to the LARC

A nice shot of the 1 Section firefight - note two out-of-ammo markers!

Setting the charges!

A random throw then showed that the EDF needed 2 activations in undisturbed contact with the LARC in order to set the charges and then blow it. The demolition team got one activation, but needed one more. But the ILR Assault Troopers had managed to kill the two critters with Chapais, and Chapais, now wounded tried to hold them back but his gun jammed and he was soon down too. Two ILR rabbits dashed forward, up the ramp, and charged into the EDF critters setting the explosives. The first round went one all, but the second round saw both EDF critters pushed away from their explosives. One of them, nursing a wound, thought better of the fight and left off the platform and ran for cover. The second bravely fought on but succumbed in the third round.

Two ILR charge into the back of the EDF demolition team

Any chance of blowing the LARC was now gone. OC 2 Section took charge, and ordered a withdrawal. His team had been fighting off ILR coming round both sides of a container, having a lucky break when a grenade failed to explode, but had inflicted enough damage on the ILR that the ILR section was temporarily stunned. 2 Section, and the Gun Gp of 1 Section slipped back into the dark and off the board.

Demo team pushed back, and effectively game over

A great game, and a real nail-biter as to whether the EDF would blow the LARC. The EDF suffered from 2 Section Gun Gp having blocked LoS to the action the whole time and never firing a round, and even 1 Section Gun Gp was poorly utilised. Had the ramp been in any other configuration (randomly chosen) it could have been a very different game. EDF suffered 4 losses, ILR 5, but an ILR victory as the EDF failed to blow the LARC.
Battle reports / Re: EDF Attack on Hasty defenses at Summit junction!
« Last post by Deniper on May 09, 2020, 05:01:25 AM »
sorry about the pictures..... I sorta deleted them from the archive.  :-[
Battle reports / EDF Attack on Hasty defenses at Summit junction!
« Last post by Deniper on May 07, 2020, 10:13:41 PM »
The EDF continued their unwarranted aggression in the Summit Junction area disrupting ILR soldiers attempting to feed and provide medical care to orphans after relentless Aerial strikes against thier town! the Heroic Lapine Republican soldiers jumped to the defense of the city. and attempted to contain the fighting out side of the city area. The defenses where set around a supply of Mushroom juice crates and storage facility however shortly after the EDF attackers appeared A section of troopers charged forward to attack causing some casualties.  and losing a comrade to vehicle based heavy weapons fire. From a Command APC.

Meanwhile a SP-74 began to engage EDF vehicles from the flank with the effect of a mobility kill.

the EDF never set foot in the town proper and took heavy losses in the attempt.

The squad ended with 6 casualties and the remaining 2 quit the field, the command team lost 2 casualties with 3 quitting the field and the AV8 APC's crew was forced to bail out and was cut down by a Republican squad that had been waiting for something to fire on they could affect.

Republican losses where limited to 4 troops from throughout the squads and 2 lightly wounded. (the squad of 14 was deployed as 2 sections of 5 and one section of 4 to represent a larger organization that had taken heavy losses already.)

Another glorious victory for the Heros of Jika!

The EDF spent most of this game either hiding behind cover or observing the situation. I bumped them into action a few times as the rolled result made no sense. the  game ran quite a few turns. and there was not a single turn where i would say that this was when the EDF started losing however. performers of note was the SP-74 (i seriously need to get a proper model of that unit) and a half squad of ILR troopers that performed 2 charge and melee attacks in a row pushing the EDF squad into the open, where they got cut up further by flanking squad fire that could not touch them previously)

About / Logistics
« Last post by ACP_Mike on April 27, 2020, 01:35:22 PM »
New Rules:


Armchair generals don't study this.

In order to keep your troops supplied properly, it is necessary to maintain an unbroken line of supply to either a starport or a designated industrial area.  These are :  Jikadownport, Broblast Harbourside, Hacala, Brennu Base.

If the supply line is broken by enemy occupation, your troops will suffer from low ammunition, unless you have designated another supply method, for example by Air.  Logistics units now have a new order: "Resupply"  You select this and then set the destination that you want to supply.  Obviously, this can be disrupted by enemy action.

For example:

  • An EDF force at Topi Junction is in supply because it can trace a clear route back to both Broblast and Jikadownport via rail links./li]

    • The ILR moves a force to Kana, taking control of the town and it's railroad line./li]

      • Any EDF force south of from Kana is now "out of supply."  They can still get supplies through by road, but slow delivery speed means that ammo supply during battles is compromised. /li]

        • This means that in combat, the second "Out of ammo" card that's drawn for a particular unit means that it can't fire that weapon again for the duration of the battle.

        For example. 

        • I'm firing a machine gun against the enemy.  I pull an out of ammo card, gun stops./li]
          • Next activation, I reload the gun/li]
            • On my next activation - weapon firing, weapon firing, weapon stops.  Out of ammo.  No more ammo for this battle.
Battle reports / Nightime Raid on Chanzori
« Last post by davidburden on April 20, 2020, 01:46:36 PM »

With my colleagues in  Jasper, Mica and Delta companies having the advantage in the battles for Summit Junction and Bohoni Rd, and my own couple of Lupus platoons facing a superior force including ILR Assault troops I decided to play safe this turn and just commit myself to a nighttime raid to keep the ILR on their toes.

Lt Casputain was given the chance to prove himself again, and managed to roll for probably the easiest raid - just kill 25% of the enemy. Seeing as he only had 8 men and ILR only had 10 (but better rated) he only had to kill 2.

EDF attacking from the top, Section House and Yard bottom right

The ILR was set up with the Assault Section dozing in the Section House, whilst 4 rabbits of the Mech Inf patrolled the area. I decided to use the Nighttime rules from Albedo, but supplement them with the Noise/Guards stealth rules from Osprey's Black Ops which had worked tolerably well last time I used them, and would also enforce a different sort of game.

Just a regular nighttime ILR patrol duty....

Lt Casputain split his hand-picked section (just cats and dogs, no-one with inferior night-vision), into 3 teams, he kept the LMG team with him, the Section 2ic took the grenadier and 2 more riflemen, and the two felines formed a third team. The plan was for the 3 teams to sweep though the settlement roughly in line til contact was made, and then focus on the kill. Nighttime visibility at only 25% (small moons!) meant a 9" visibility limit.

As the game kicked off the ILR patrol guards did their suitably random bit, and all was quiet for 2 turns as the EDF snuck forward. Then a guard on the edge of the board, turned and found himself walking into sightline of the felines hiding behind a wall. Two shots, one wound. The rabbit shouted but was too far away to be heard. Feeling the weight of the Republic on him he went into a Fanatical Charge (ILR speciality), dodged bullets on the way in and then in the melee (more noise) took another wound and staggered back.

ILR Fanatical Charge

On the other side of the board Sgt Saguenay had led his team across the main road and was nearing (unbeknownst to him) the Section House yard. A patrolling rabbit turned about at the wrong moment and two rifles were set to let rip at his back - but both jammed.

Now just don't jam..... aw'shucks!

 The swearing must have been enough to alert another nearby guard who turned into the yard from the other side, fired past his colleague and hit the edge of the wall that one of the EDF troopers was using as cover. The gunshots were enough to alert the third guard, who just happened to be by the section house (the Assault team still snoozing!) and burst in to tell them that they were under attack.

Sgt Saguenay's team takes incoming on the edge of the Yard

Lt Casputain could hear the commotion in the yard, and sent the LMG team across the road to a perfect enfilade shot against the two rabbits still in the hard. But the LMG jammed.

The ILR Assault team came pouring out of the front and side door of the Section House and a frantic firefight started around the yard. The EDF managed to get enough stuns to keep the ILR from causing too much damage, but without getting much damage itself. Things were looking worse for the EDF when Lt Casputain got caught in a graze from some flying brickwork, but luckily he was soon back in action.

The firefight on all 4 sides of the yard

On the other side of the board the two felines managed to subdue the fanatical rabbit, but were a bit too enthusiastic and managed to kill him rather than capture him. With that done they headed off through the back alleys to get to the main fight.

When they arrived they had two rabbits with backs turned in front of them, one guard and the ILR OC. A couple of shots and both were wounded. Then things started going downhill for the ILR. One Morale card had an assault trooper decide to leg it, and then another had the ILR OC bleed out and die! The EDF LMG was still proving ineffective, but Sgt Saguenay's up close and personal fight managed to take out the ILR assault LMG. One of his team was so fed up with a jamming gun that he fixed bayonet and charged the remaining ILR assault troopers, and was lucky to escape (at least temporarily) with his life.

A crazed EDF trooper charges in with his weapon jammed!

With 4 rabbits down, including the ILR OC, it was time to bug-out. Sgt Saguenay pulled back down his alley, waiting to provide cover for his crazy colleague.

Lt Casputain, Sgt Saguenay and their teams made the pullback safely, sprinting to put enough distance between them and the ILR to disappear into the darkness.  The two felines were less successful, a couple of wounded ILR guards spotting them from the cross-roads and charging in, resulting in one EDF dead before the remaining feline slinked away.

Wounded ILR catches a fleeing feline


EDF pulled victory from the jaws of defeat - with all those early misfires it really seemed as though they be cut to pieces by the Assault team, but the flanking move by the felines really turned it around.

The Black Ops Guard/Noise rules worked pretty well, but activating the Commander (8+ then another 8+ I think) is just too hard - and with radio would have thought would be pretty instant. I might tweak for my next game, but certainly worth having in the armoury. The night rules OK, I played 25% not the "declared" 35% so as to use the lowest range (9") which did end up with the action being close in - and given the short lines perhaps not as much as an affect as I'd expected. Both though gave the game a very different feel to the first one - it certainly felt more sneaky rather than a simple encounter battle.

Battle reports / TF Prollo enters Summit Junction city
« Last post by Prollo on April 19, 2020, 11:29:02 AM »
Here's the second battle of Summit Junction with TF Prollo.  A win for the EDF, but it didn't go all their way.