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Painting and Scenery Showcase / Re: First test minis
« Last post by General Greymouse on Today at 01:19:58 PM »
Finally found time to finish the rest of the EDF squad and one ILR squad. Another ILR squad to go. Posted some quick cellphone shots on Failbook. Once minis are completly dry and I have added rank insignia after varnishing I will do "proper" photos and post them. Will take a bit as oil colours need some time to dry completly.
Battle Reports / Re: Introductory Scenario: Recce Patrol. Game reports & results
« Last post by Deniper on January 14, 2019, 04:36:08 PM »
     Got a game underway yesterday, played the introductory scenario, (thou I admit to going off script a little.)  my opponent Frank was a good sport and knew I was learning the basics of the game as well.  Though I suspect the next game I play against him he will hold me to the letter of the rules. 

starting positions of both teams.  I choose to break the half squads into 2 sections to have grouped activation.

During the first turn both sides started moving towards good firing positions some largely ineffective shooting happened.

during the second turn the LMG posted in the window had a shot at an EDF trooper in cover. and jammed immediately...

The EDF fireing position on the flank.

The EDF rabbit in cover took a head shot and as I was not thinking we considered him incapacitated. for a turn. then realized he had only taken 2 hitpoints we roleplayed this as everyone on the field seen the shot and counted him as dead. only to have him get up again a little bit later. THE MVP of the EDF however was the "Dogbert" as he ran into danger to toss 2 grenades (back to back activations) into the window the first bounced away from the target the second caused several wounds and stuns.  The ILR casualty in the road was the result of a successful reaction fire from the EDF section down the hallway when his section moved up in a attempt to close the range.  The last rabbits in the building is about to do something stupid.

During his next activation "Dogbert" shook off his stunned status and was greeted by a rabbit jumping though the window on his right which he reacted to and successfully got off 2 shots which happend to hit first the rabbit in the window and then the rabbit that initiated the reaction fire. incapacitating them both. (can't make this up..)

at this time the Rabbit EDF trooper got a chance to act stood up and shot at the 2 remaining ILR troopers caught in the open and from behind. incapacitating one and causing a stun effect on the remaining one. who already had an unresolved stun from earlier.  (don't honestly quite remember how this came to pass.)

who then drew on his activation which happened next, the runs away 10 inches, and drew the second morale result as runs 10 inches and kill self. Ending the game rather darkly. overall 6 ILR dead or incapacitated one badly wounded EDF rabbit (saved by his helmet) and one decorated dogface.... a total victory for the EDF.

I made some bad decisions in this game as the ILR player, and we had some time spent to rules lookups.  My opponent Frank is a acquaintance I have known for some years now and is looking forward to our next game.  I also spent some time answering questions about the game from other players who observed the speed of play and good looking models. hopefully I can grow a community out here as I really enjoyed this game. and am wanting to play at larger scales soon.

ACP Rules Discussion / Re: Army list building
« Last post by JamesTownsend on January 13, 2019, 02:02:38 AM »
Well I am making a post back here. I had a couple games with the full rule book. The question of list building came up again. I know the source book will go in detail on points, but perhaps a basic chart showing the different tires of armies and needed elements would be nice. Sort of like the 40k's Force org charts, Patrol is minimum a HQ and 1 Troop, Battalion in 2 Hq's and 3 Troops. No points but something to help people with determining game size, potential purchases, and later expansion of their collection.
ACP Rules Discussion / Re: A first look at the new card artwork
« Last post by JamesTownsend on January 10, 2019, 11:42:35 AM »
Yep! i got it. Now I just need more figures to have some squad play!
General Discussion / Why does it take so long to get my forum account approved?
« Last post by ACP_Mike on January 06, 2019, 09:27:47 PM »
Happy new year everyone.

   Iíve been afk for a couple of weeks,  on a sanity break.  Itís therapeutic!  But it means thereís a backlog of people whoíve applied to join the forum but havenít been let in.  Thereís another factor... we had a lot of bots join before the holiday and it takes ages to clean that stuff up.  So if you have an email address with, or some other dodgy provider, itís going to take a little while to process your application.  I fact, Ike suggest youíll be waiting an infinite amount of time, if there is such a thing!

If you are caught in this look, please just message us on Facebook, and Iíll reinvestigate...


ACP Rules Discussion / Re: A first look at the new card artwork
« Last post by ACP_Buck on January 03, 2019, 12:35:20 AM »
WOO! They look great. Can't wait for thatvrules update. I have alot of people who want to try it out.
As a backer you should have received the draft of the full rules.  Let us know what you think.
ACP Rules Discussion / Re: Revised cards in downloads section
« Last post by ACP_Buck on January 03, 2019, 12:34:33 AM »
Good idea - weíll pass that on!
In the attached examples, you can see what a final card is going to look like.  Note that the misses are black circles.  The hits look like white bullet holes.  While and black are pretty easy to distinguish even from across the table.  That's how it works in the WWII version, and it is very obvious even from a distance.
ACP Rules Discussion / Re: Zee gee
« Last post by ACP_Buck on January 03, 2019, 12:29:18 AM »
I was wondering if their are zero gravity rules for space combat an bording actions and if not are there any plans to imlpament them in future campaign books or rule sets?
The draft of the full rules has been provided to backers.  It includes the zero-gravity combat rules.  Have you had a chance to look them over?
That's Great to hear!  looking forward to seeing it!
Very nicely done.
I liked your rabbit with EDF helmet, so much that I've added it to the January sculpting list, so rabbits in EDF helmets will be available to all by the end of February.