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ACP Rules Discussion / Re: Non-Almata Campaign Orbat / TOE?
« on: July 20, 2020, 10:08:41 PM »
Did this get done? Did I miss it?

I am trying to organize my figures by units and having trouble. I would like to buy the exact number and type of figures (WYSWYG) need to make units (since the game organizes by units not by individual figures), but the Almata PDFs are driving me crazy. The TOE do not match the cards provided in the PDF!

TOE EDF Mech Platoon HQ
Platoon HQ
•Platoon Commander (LAKW 1-30)
•Platoon Sergeant (LAKW 1-56)
•Driver (LAKW 1-30)
•Vehicle Commander (LAKW 1-30)
•Portable Missile Launcher (PML)
•Loader (LAKW 1-30)
•AV8F (30mm Cannon, HAKW 2-50)

But the card only contains:
Leader, Platoon Sgt, Driver and Runner. I suppose I understand that the Driver and Cmdr could be left off the table to guard the vehicle, but what about the missile launcher team?

Also, the cards say the Leader comes with a LAKW 1-30, but the Leader miniatures always come with pistols!!!! No WYSWYG!  My OCD is going crazy! Too many years with GW Imperial Guard I guess....  :P

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