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Painting and Scenery Showcase / Albedo Painting Competition
« on: April 03, 2020, 04:29:46 PM »
Mike Wilson, ACP164 author has very generously set up a painting competition to keep us busy during the current crisis.The competition will be judged (by Mike) on April 30th. There are two classes, an EDF unit and an ILR unit, these can of course be a military unit, an armored unit, a civilian resistance unit or a police / security unit. Mike Wilson says... "The prize for each will be a £30 gift voucher for ACP miniatures... sorry, I don’t have enough toilet paper to share.

Please tag your post #minicomp20 so I can find it easily!"

Battle Reports / November post a batrep competition
« on: October 30, 2019, 02:17:19 PM »
We would love to hear (and see) what you have been up to in the world of Albedo table top gaming, so we are running a competition that will run until the end of November, (Saturday 30th).
Play a game, have some fun, take some photos and make some notes then write up your game, post it here and share on Facebook or other social media or Forums.
At the end of the month we will review them all and award a prize (£30 credit to spend on any Albedo miniatures)  to the most entertaining and inspirational report!

General Discussion / Albedo Videos on YouTube
« on: August 12, 2019, 03:03:49 PM »
We are planning to make and release a regular stream of videos on YouTube showing different aspects of the game including explanation of rules mechanisms, play throughs of scenarios and builds of terrain.

We've kicked it off today with a brief overview of the different elements of the game (books, cards, Miniatures).

Here's the link to take a look.

Please subscribe to the channel / leave a comment and share anywhere where gamers gather!

Battle Reports / ACP 164: Introductory scenario from main rule book.
« on: April 11, 2019, 06:12:55 PM »
A couple of weeks ago, my good friend Patrick had an unexpected free afternoon so we decided to have a go at the introductory ACP164 scenario - Defence of the Science Station.

Set on a planet, many light years away from Arras Chankra an ILR Planetary Invasion Fleet has recently landed and plan to annex Ralon186 to the Republic,

Taken by surprise, the planetary HomeGuard were quickly overthrown at the starport and main population centres, however there are many pockets of resistance that need to be cleared before the ILR can claim a complete victory.

Science Station Z1430 was a biological research station, engaged in valuable research to determine if cultivated plants could be used to supplement the critters mainly synthesized diet. A single section of 8 HomeGuard had been tasked with its defense, however the platoon HQ was also located in the building and an additional section were close enough to support if reinforcement was necessary.

All was set for an exciting afternoons gaming. Loads more photos and battle report on my hobby blog @

Next Saturday (2nd March),  Doug and I will be running an ACP164 Participation game at Hammerhead Show in Newark.
If you are in the UK, it is well worth a visit. It's the best show in the year for gaming as every game put on is a participation game.

Hope some of you can join us!

Full details of the scenario on my hobby blog:


This week Doug and I have started sorting out our participation game for this years Hammerhead show at Newark Showground on 2nd March, which is played using Albedo Combat Patrol

The situation on the ground is that ILR Planetary Invasion forces have landed on and around major population centers on Coralaus Prime. ConFed Coralaus Homeguard forces were pushed back after intense firefights.

Over subsequent weeks the ILR consolidated there positions, digging in (bunnies are good at that), around strategic sites, such as the Government buildings and media hub featured in our counterattack game, which sees elements of an Extra Planetary Defense Force (EDF) Mech Company, landed outside engagement range via Aerodynes moving forward in a deliberate assault to recapture these strategic sites.

Full write up and lots more photos on my hobby blog @

ACP Rules Discussion / A first look at the new card artwork
« on: December 17, 2018, 11:04:47 AM »
Update on Albedo

It has been a busy month for the Albedo team since the kick starter completed. We have had a lot of posts showing progress on sculpting and test casting of new Albedo Miniatures, but of course there is a lot more than that going on. Mike & Buck have been busy putting the finishing touches on the Albedo sourcebook and rulebook. The draft, full rulebook will be going out to backers in PDF format in the next few days for play testing. Steve Gallacci has been busy with new artwork and our card artists has designed the format for the Albedo Action Decks.

Today we can take a look at the format for the EDF and ILR card decks and the card back artwork for the main EDF pack.

We are taking late pledges via Backerkit, and we have some exciting stretch goals that are half funded, which include the iconic aerodyne, a civilian / protestor / police box set, a Toki character sculpt and a 6 wheeled ILR vehicle. Check it out on Backerkit @

General Discussion / Albedo Combat Patrol in January Wargames Illustrated
« on: December 14, 2018, 03:25:10 PM »

The January 2019 edition of Wargames Illustrated has a great 6 page article about ACP164 - The Albedo Miniatures Game. The game is available to pre-order via Backerkit: and the introductory game is available from

Painting and Scenery Showcase / My Albedo Painting Thread
« on: December 13, 2018, 12:37:28 PM »
Albedo Painting Projects: This thread is going to be where I post the photos of Albedo miniatures and vehicles that I have painted (as a pose to conversions, which have a separate thread).

Last night I did a quick paint job on one of the pre-production proofs of the worlds favorite EDF officer, Erma

This was blocked in, quick toned and then tidied up afterwards.

General Discussion / ACP164 New Releases
« on: December 04, 2018, 05:04:10 PM »
This thread is to showcase new releases as they become available.

The first new release is available for retail from today (4th December 2018).

ACP01 - EDF Otter Heavy Infantry Reinforcement Pack.
This pack contains 3 x EDF Otters in Heavy Infantry equipment armed with LAKW 1-56 Assault Rifles.

Link for further details

We are at the stage that we want to start recruiting fans to put on demo / participation games at stores & conventions and looking for some feedback on our approach before we start sending the document out.

Firstly - what to call the demonstrators. Suggestions to date are 'Albedo Ambassadors' or 'Albedo Agents'. Any preference or any other suggestions?

Secondly - this is my thoughts on program. What do you think? Any improvements?

Thank you for your interest in Albedo Combat Patrol ACP164. We do hope that you are as excited about the game as our development team is. It is now over a year since we started the journey to bring the world of Steve Gallacci’s Albedo Anthropomorphics to tabletops around the world. The team has developed an engaging and immersive background in the source and campaign books, an innovative and fun set of rules and a captivating set of detailed 28mm Albedo miniatures. We are still at an early stage with the game; our recent kickstarter has funded development of additional miniatures and an initial print run, the printed material  is written and is available as beta-releases, so it is now time to start spreading the word to gamers across the world, and this is where you and our ambassador programme comes in.

We are looking to recruit keen miniature gamers to become Albedo Ambassadors to promote the game by putting on participation games at their local hobby shops or gaming conventions, take a few photos and post them and a short write up on the Albedo Forums.

We will support and promote your endeavours, liaising with the venue and sending posters for them to print to promote your event.
Benefits of being an Albedo Ambassador
•   The more games you put on the more rewards you will build up. You will need some Albedo Miniatures to put on a game. At this stage the Albedo Starter Miniatures set is an ideal starting point as it contains the miniatures you need to play the introductory scenario. When you’ve run your first game and placed the post we will issue you with a voucher worth 25% of the set (£10) and then each time you host a subsequent game and write a post we’ll issue you with another £5 voucher.
•   Albedo Ambassadors are members of ‘The Inner Circle’ and as such get involved in choosing new releases, play-testing new rules and scenarios and generally feeding back on the development direction of the game.
•   It’s lot of fun playing ACP164 with lots of different people.
What do I need to do?
•   You’ll need to know all about playing ACP164. All of the rules, scenarios, player aids, card decks etc are available to download as PDF’s from the Albedo Forums. You need to be a registered Forum member. The files are in the downloads folder. The password is SD164
•   You’ll need to have painted some miniatures to use in your participation game. You can get started running the introductory scenario that uses 4 x EDF troopers and 6 x ILR Troopers.
•   Fill in the form with your details, and details of game stores that you can travel to and then just let us know when you’re ready to put on your first game.
Note: We will store your details electronically on our computer database so that we can correspond with you and issue you with credit vouchers. We may share the details that you have supplied with hobby store owners whose details you have supplied in order to promote the participation games that you wish to run.

Battle Reports / Introductory Scenario: Recce Patrol. Game reports & results
« on: September 18, 2018, 04:12:50 PM »
Recce Patrol.

This is a thread for everyone to record the results of Recce-Patrol, the introductory scenario for Albedo Combat Patrol.
Record the results of your games on the thread, and the admin team will analyze them and update the overall results.

You can download the PDF to play the scenario here:

Results to date

1 x Confed Victory 5 / 4
1 x ILR Victory 6 / 3

The Scenario

This scenario, Recce Probe, is an infantry-only scenario that will allow you to get a feel for the basic rules described in Section 1. The scenario is designed to be played by two players using the miniatures supplied in the Albedo Combat Patrol box set (4 x EDF Heavy Infantry and 7 x ILR Skirmish Order Troops. The table is meant to be two feet by two feet, laid out according to the map shown below. The buildings can be constructed using the Albedo Terra-Block set or the card representation of these pieces from the boxed game. Ensure that there are plenty of pieces of scatter terrain to provide cover between buildings

This action does not appear in any of the official histories of the Third Lepine War, in fact the only official record off it is a contact report, hurriedly scribbled by Cpl Rawlinsky, the EDF patrol commander before collapsing for a couple of hours shut eye before leading the next patrol. 23rd Mech had gone firm on the outskirts of Beiiport. 3rd Platoon had been tasked with defending the main comms relay against the expected ILR counter-attack. Sections were deployed with overlapping arcs of fire, stag lists drawn up and aggressive patrolling of the perimeter commenced a text book operation. And so, Rawlinsky led her fire-team out on yet another routine defensive patrol, through the hastily evacuated industrial park that was now no-critters land between the opposing forces, when the sharp crack of a 5mm case-less round alerted her to the fact that the ILR were probing their positions.

The ILR are deploying recce patrols, at fire-team strength to probe the EDF positions in order to establish their strength and state of readiness in preparation for launching a counter attack. This scenario represents one of the many clashes between perimeter defence and reconnaissance patrols.

Deployment Map

Scenario Specific Rules
•   Terrain is set up as shown on scenario map.
•   As this is an introductory scenario using a handful of miniatures, each figure is treated as a unit with its own activation dice. Any morale effects that need to be applied are applied to the single figure. If the morale effect is split, i.e. figure with highest guts advances 10”, figure with lowest guts retreats 10” only the first effect is applied.
•   The ILR Patrol is 6 critters rather than the textbook strength of 7, this is because we recommend that you assemble the miniatures in the box set as 5 x Rifle, 1 x Grenade Launcher and 1 x LMG for variety in early games. As a fire-team fields either a LMG or a Grenade Launcher your team will be down a critter. Don’t worry about this, it is perfectly normal, one of the critters became a casualty yesterday and has not been replaced or the section was required to supply a critter to platoon or company for ‘other duties’.
•   Deployment zones are marked, extending 6” from diagonally opposite corners with 3 deployment tokens, as shown on the scenario map. No figures are deployed on the table at the start of the game. Activation dice are assigned to figures in the normal way and when their activation card is drawn, the figure can either be deployed on to the table by drawing an action card and moving the distance shown onto the table, measuring the distance from any of their side’s three deployment zone tokens, or held in reserve, skipping their activation.
•   The scenario lasts for 8 turns.

Victory Points  (VPs)
•   The ILR Patrol Commanders mission is to bypass defensive patrols in order to observe and report EDF main force deployments, to do this at least one ILR figure must exit the table via the EDF deployment zone.
•   The EDF Patrol Commanders mission is to prevent any ILR troops exciting via their deployment zone to report back on EDF deployments.
•   3 VPs are awarded to the recce patrol for exciting a figure via the defensive patrols deployment zone.
•   1 VP is awarded for each enemy figure incapacitated.

ConFed Forces

ILR Forces

Painting and Scenery Showcase / Heads & Tails for converting
« on: September 06, 2018, 05:01:43 PM »
We are just working out how we are going to offer our heads and tails set for sale. These will be useful for doing conversions. They will cost £4 for 5 heads and 5 tails. Is it better to be able to select by headgear (i.e. berets, caps, helmets, bare headed etc). by species (i.e rabbit, cat, dog, fox etc), or should we list each head type individually (i.e. Cat - bare headed, Cat - helmet, fox - bare headed etc)?

As well as being a fantastic range of sci-fi miniatures for gaming in the Albedo Universe (or Traveller or Gamma World), the Albedo Miniatures range provides a great range of components for converting other miniatures to anthropomorphic figures.

This thread is going to about the conversions that I have done using Albedo components.

This miniature combines a plastic Frostgrave Soldier body and arms with the Albedo Miniatures fox, bare headed sprue (which contains the fox head and nice bushy tail).

General Discussion / Albedo Combat Patrol: ACP164 Press Releases
« on: August 30, 2018, 12:46:26 PM »
Press Release No 1
Albedo Miniatures Game ACP164

ACP164 is a 28mm miniatures game based on the ‘Albedo Anthropomorphics’ comic written by Steve Gallacci. The product line includes a campaign sourcebook, rules system, a miniatures range, vehicles, buildings and terrain items.

Albedo is a hard science comic, featuring anthropomorphic animals or “critters” in a universe apparently created just for them. The opposing factions in this universe are the Independent Lapine Republic (ILR), which is a society dedicated to advancing the causes of Rabbits and crony-capitalism. They are engaged in a war of expansion against everyone else, which has forced the creation of the ConFed, or Confederation of Planets. The ConFed is represented in firefights by two different forces,  the Home Guard, who maintain security on individual planets, and the Extra Planetary Defence Force, an elite force dedicated to defending systems and recapturing systems taken by the ILR.

Rules System
The Albedo rules system, Albedo Combat Patrol, has been written by John 'Buck' Surdu, retired US Army Colonel and prolific and innovative games designer whose previous works include Gaslight, Look Sarge No Charts, Fire Team Vietnam, Blood and Swash, Beer & Pretzels Skirmish and many, many more. The rules feature innovative, fast play card based combat mechanisms that bring out the detail of tactical ground based combat operations.

Miniatures Range

The miniature range has been digitally sculpted and the figures are supplied as multi-piece metal castings to allow a wide variety of troop type to be depicted. The miniatures have been designed to overcome many of the problems associated with multi-piece metal castings. Heads are cast with a neck that finishes in a pin that locates in a hole in the body; where possible pairs of arms are cast as a pair holding a weapon with pins at tops of arms that locate in to holes in shoulders. This ensures that components align perfectly and are easy to glue together. The Albedo comics feature a vast range of sapient mammals so using our multi-piece approach we hope to be able to make all species that appear in the comic available to gamers as miniatures.

Timings & Approach
Sally 4th will be running a Kickstarter campaign between 15th October and 19th November to raise additional funding for the project, however we are adopting a slightly different approach, which we hope will benefit backers and customers. We have funded the Albedo project as far as we can with internal funding and now need the support of the gaming public to take the game to the next stage. The miniatures that we have already developed are going to be made available for purchase just before the Kickstarter launches. They will go on pre-order on 24th September. The reason that we are doing this is that as gamers we have backed many kickstarters over recent years and have been very excited during the kickstarter period and then frustrated by having to wait a year (or more) to actually play the game. Also, The Albedo Miniatures game is a new gaming concept. As far as we know there are no other ranges of anthropomorphic sci-fi miniatures available to use as proxies, and we want backers to be able to start playing and  be able to participate in the play test of the rules, and also to experience the quality of the miniatures. A PDF copy of the introductory rules, cards and other player aids will be available to backers to download from 15th October.

Further Information

Facebook Page:
Facebook Group:
Twitter: @albedo164
Retailer & Distributor enquiries:
Further press releases to follow.

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