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Bureaucracy / Re: Website access requests.
« on: February 02, 2020, 09:19:42 AM »
Any movement on this?

I suspect you might be busy.

... the verification process goes away after a few posts.  :)
Not sure if my ISP changing my IP address has prolonged the agony...
[Edit] Hooray!!! No verification!

And the EDF Heavy Infantry.

Okay, this is the second time I have posted that one.

So I have finally finished the Starter Skirmish Set I bought at Salute 2019.

Here are the Rascally Rabbits of the ILR Skirmish Squad.

General Discussion / Re: Recommended Tool(s) for Despruing?
« on: January 26, 2020, 06:07:00 PM »
I use (some rather elderly) wire cutters and a collection of needle files. The half round and round ones are good for cleaning curved surfaces because the cutting surface follows creases and curves.

ACP Rules Discussion / Re: First read through
« on: January 26, 2020, 05:33:40 PM »

The rule books are on my list for Salute.

ACP Rules Discussion / First read through
« on: May 06, 2019, 05:45:55 PM »

I bought the skirmish starter set at Salute and have just finished reading through the rule book (KS Beta Test Rules V1.1.0).

The Combat Patrol game engine is interesting and rather different to game systems I have encountered previously. I had been talked through the mechanics of the WW2 version at Warfare a few years back, and probably possess an example card from there.

The following is based on my first full read through of the rules.

I have no idea if my thoughts are of use (and the few typos I found may well have been identified elsewhere) but here they are

Beta Test Rules V1.1.0

Page 3 - Activation

It might be useful to show how the Double Random Activation (tm) works with a diagram, including example cards etc. I know there are cards to download but it is useful to have them in the text.

How specific do the orders need to be?

Is it "the unit will shoot" or "the unit will shoot in that direction" or "the unit will shoot towards the front of the barracks ahead of us"?

Special Activation cards: It would be useful to show the cards in the text (the examples in the PDF are self explanatory, but the reader would need to refer to them.

Page 4 - Movement

Typo: "based on their Guts attribute of the leader or the Gust attribute of the rest of the unit"

I think it should be "based on the Guts attribute of the leader or the Guts attribute of the rest of the unit"

This really relates to the Action Cards (I know these are stand in ones until the proper artwork is complete), but the Movement section is where it is currently placed.

As this is the core of the rules, it would help to look at the Action Cards in detail on their own page with their own entry in the index (it is in the list of figures, but not in the main body of the index).

It would also be useful if the relevant part of the card is repeated in each section (so in the Movement section the Movement Speed indicator part, in the Shooting section the relevant parts of the card).

Page 8 - Shooting Procedure

This really needs the relevant sections of the Action Card on the page.

Typo: "the leader is not present or is not performing there command role".
I think that should read "the leader is not present or is not performing their command role ".

Page 9 - Shooting Example

Is figure 3 really figure 3, the next figure is labelled 1.4.

Figure 3 part 2 The circles should highlight the bits of the card that are being referenced:
The current text states "The blue oval indicates that the figure was wounded in the upper torso". This could mislead the reader into thinking that there should be a blue oval on the card rather than the blue oval indicating where on the card the information is to be obtained.

It might help to have the relevant icons in the text or to say circled in blue (ovaled in blue ^__^).

Typo: stun maker not Stun Marker.

Figure 3 part 4, the colour of the circles are not consistent with part 2.

Page 10 - Computing Range to the Target: do you measure from the centre of mass to centre of mass or base edge to centre of mass?

Page 12 - Melee
"The ten side dice number is modified as shown the Hand-to-Hand section in Figure 1‐4."
I assume this means the number in the ten sided dice symbol rather than the number of ten sided dice to roll ^__^.

Also on figure 1.4 it says "Movement (1d10)", is that right?

Page 13 - Attacks with Hand Grenades
The figure is not numbered.
In the figure text, part 1 mentions a black circle, is this a result of changes to the Action Card? There is a yellow circle indicating a miss.

Page 14 reference to figure 1.5 (not numbered on page 13).

Page 15 - Guts and Morale
Some examples might be useful (though as I only have the test Action Cards, the EDF and ILF versions will be different). Would you use the  EDF Action Deck for other ConFed forces?

Page 16 - Figure 1.7 seems out of place. A filled in one and an example of a Reaction might be useful.

I hope that this is of use.

Bureaucracy / Re: Website access requests.
« on: May 06, 2019, 04:06:31 PM »
Ultravanillasmurf requesting Net Access please.

Good luck with the source book.

So here is my first EDF Heavy Infantry.

The fur, eye and uniform colour do not have a very good contrast against a grey background.

Here are the two figures together.

I did go for a slightly different colour scheme, I have yet to find a good acrylic dark blue.

I have not finished the base, I try to complete bases for units at the same time so they are consistent. between basing I always mislay the right bag of static grass etc.

The verification process for each post is rather a drag, but at least my browser knows most of the answers now.

I had been following the development of the Albedo Combat Patrol game on the Lead Adventures thread, and at Salute 2019 I had decided to limit myself to buying one of the APCs.

That went as well as could be expected.

So I walked away from the Sally 4th stand with a Skirmish Starter set, and the aforementioned APC.

Painting and Scenery Showcase / Re: My first ILR Team
« on: May 04, 2019, 05:17:07 PM »
Nice work.

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