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Title: Battle Report - Prollo's push at Summit Junction
Post by: Prollo on April 08, 2020, 12:27:19 PM
Albedo – Jika Campaign AAR

Prollo’s push at Summit Junction:

EDF mixed mechanised force with Airborne support assault a dug in ILR Mech Company.
For the setup, did best I could with minis at hand. There was a full Section of EDF mech inf, plus a small part of a mech support squad, with AV8F2 (freshly printed proxy), and a LARC pretending to be a Gun3 with light Airborne troops inside. ILR were a full mech squad with PT69T in support, all dug in; plus half of a support platoon squad (with an EDF pml, filling in as an ILR one) on the roof.