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Title: Rules
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Each faction has several units, which are controlled by you, the players.   

The composition of each unit will be based the types of forces you have.
Each game turn, each of your units may engage in one combat action.  You don't have to commit the whole unit to each action.  For example, if you only have a half squad of miniatures, that's all you can play with.  This will clearly also limit the types of scenario you can play.  For example, if you only have a half squad of each side's troops, you're pretty much restricted to small scale meeting engagements.


During each campaign units take losses, which are recorded in the tracking sheet.  When a unit takes enough losses to be considered combat ineffective, it is removed from the game and any survivors are distributed to other units.

If you have no units left to control, you're out of the game as well.

Each turn, you must give your units orders:

Effect of Orders

Units that are ordered to Attack will carry out an attack on the location specified this turn.
Units that are ordered to Defend will defend their current location.
Only air units can be ordered to patrol.  They will fly to the specified location, where they may carry out air strikes or interdict enemy movement.  At the end of the turn they will return to base.
"Digging in" creates hasty defences and takes one turn.  Diggin in for a second turn creates prepared defences.  If you have an engineer at the same location, creating prepared defences only takes one turn.
Resting units won't do anything.  They are considered to be in the shower and will be captured if attacked.

Clarification:  "Attack" means assault a known enemy position.  "Move to" is a general movement order.  If you meet enemy during a "move to" you will get a meeting engagement.
Orders translate into one of the following statuses:

Units that are declared as "Active" may be deployed in combat.    You need to declare what District they are assigned to.  See the separate post about movement, if the assigned district is different to where they are now.

Units that are declared as "Passive" are considered to be guarding a location or holding a defensive line.  They are only engaged in combat if an enemy attack happens in their location.  There is a 10% chance that any previous lost trooper will be replaced while the unit is passive.

Units that are declared as "Resting" are not engaged in combat, but in a rest camp somewhere behind the lines.  There is a 30% chance that a previously lost trooper will be replaced while the unit is resting.

Units that are in transit cannot be engaged in combat, except as noted in the "Movement" section.

Stacking Limits
Each district may hold no more than one company.
Engineer, logistics, air defence and command units do not count towards stacking limits.

Moving Units Around

Both sides are fighting for control of the planet. This is achieved by either:

The first two of these options will require contact with the enemy, which means moving forces to where the enemy is. (The third option might require keeping forces where the enemy isn’t.)

There are several methods of moving forces, each of which takes time. The time required for each method, as well as any limitations is recorded in the table below.

Space Travel Jikadown to Brennu Units must end travel in a district that contains a spaceport.     4 
Ship Jikadown to Broblast     Units must end travel in a district that contains a seaport.    3 
Rail Any city on Jika that is uncontrolled or controlled by your faction. 
The rail route must not pass through enemy controlled districts.
  Possibly interdicted by air attack or Ortillery    2   
RoadAny city on Jika.  Route must not pass though a district controlled by the enemy.Possibly interdicted by air attack or Ortillery    3
Cross CountryAny city on Jika.  Route must not pass though a district controlled by the enemy.Possibly interdicted by air attack or Ortillery    3
Fixed Wing AirAny city on Jika that has an airport. Possibly interdicted by air attack or AA fire 1
Organic Air AssetsAny district on Jika. If the move ends in an enemy district use the Airborne Assault rulePossibly interdicted by air attack or AA fire1

Road movement to next district happens instantly +1 turn per district after that to max of 3.
Rail movement is between 2 adjacent cities.

Air Assets
Because the airpace is contested, it is  difficult to deploy air assets such as Fixed wing transports, Aerodynes and LARC. When they are deployed there is a chance that they will be intercepted and diverted or destroyed. 

The Campaign Tracker
The Campaign Tracker is a spreadsheet which identifies several things as the campaign progresses.  It is hosted on Google Sheets.

The link is here:

It tracks several things:

Strategic Initiative (SI)

SI is a way to codify the fluid nature of warfare.

Because this game is not based on history, there’s no guideline for who should win or lose to help guide the scenario progression.

SI provides a method to decide who’s doing what through the course of the campaign, without recourse to randomness. The main premise of SI is that winning is not always a good thing, because the more you control, the more you stand to lose.

Consequently, you need to expend effort keeping hold of what you have, and this saps your ability to manoeuvre.

The faction with the fewest SI points has the Strategic Initiative. Because they have fewer constraints, they can pick and choose (within limits) the time and place of attacks.

Point Scoring
Victory Points from completed scenarios are added together throughout the turn.   The total is then added to the SI total for each side.  The Campaign Tracker shows which side has SI.


Turns are played over the course of a real world week.

Turns begin on Monday at 0800 GMT, and conclude at 2359 GMT on Sunday.

The turn process is as follows:

1.   Both factions apply experience and improvement (Rules section 3.20)

2.a.   Both factions assign actions to units, using the unit record sheet

3.    I process the orders and:

a.   announce where combat occurs.

b.    Determine fate of deployed air assets

c.    Adjust unit locations.

4.   Combat:
a.   resolve combat for units declared as active using solitaire scenarios.
b.   if neither side chooses to initiate combat, move to the next step.

5.   Update SI point totals. 
a.   Apply victory points from scenario
b.   Apply SI points from changes in territory control
i.   Districts that have never been Invaded remain uncontrolled
ii.   Districts that have been newly occupied are assigned to a faction
iii.    Districts that have changed hands are reassigned
iii.   Contested Districts belong to the faction with the most force points in that district.

6. Attrition
i. Remove losses from force tables
ii. Resolve replacements for passive and inactive units
iii. Disband units that are combat ineffective (>25% of full strength)

7.   End of the turn.


This is how the turn works.

Title: Logistics
Post by: ACP_Mike on April 27, 2020, 01:35:22 PM
New Rules:


Armchair generals don't study this.

In order to keep your troops supplied properly, it is necessary to maintain an unbroken line of supply to either a starport or a designated industrial area.  These are :  Jikadownport, Broblast Harbourside, Hacala, Brennu Base.

If the supply line is broken by enemy occupation, your troops will suffer from low ammunition, unless you have designated another supply method, for example by Air.  Logistics units now have a new order: "Resupply"  You select this and then set the destination that you want to supply.  Obviously, this can be disrupted by enemy action.

For example: