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Press Release #2

The Albedo Miniatures Game Campaign Sourcebook

The ACP boxed set will contain a sourcebook for the Albedo universe. This explains the concepts behind the Albedo Comic book series, which are central to the game. We’re trying very hard to not have a game that’s “WW2 rabbits”, or “random space critters”. Steve Gallacci did a lot of work in establishing a rational basis and storyline for his universe, and we’re aiming to stay true to that. Unlike the previous RPG versions, which are based in the ‘present day’, we’re delving into the history of the Albedo setting, and exploring the detail of the First Lepine War. If you’re a fan of the comics, this is the war Erma Felna’s Dad fought in, and which established the way that critters fight. 

The sourcebook comes in four parts. The first explores the history of the Albedo Universe, and provides a general overview of how things work. We’ve not gone into exhaustive detail on all these things - that’s because we’re staying consistent with the RPG. If you want to know how space travel works, that’s the place to look. Besides, it’s largely immaterial to a ground level infantry combat game. 

The second part of the book looks at the First Lepine War from a historical perspective. We’ve looked at each of the four phases of the war, highlighting the development of technology and military thinking, as well as the key operations. 

The third section looks at the military, organisation, weapons and technology. This section contains organisation charts for the HomeGuard, EDF and ILR over time, as well as descriptions of uniforms and painting guides.

The final section will detail a dozen linked scenarios that form “the Almata campaign”. This explores the escalating conflict in the Almata system, on the planet of Coteipi. Depending on the Kickstarter, we’ll also include a mini-campaign set in a space station in orbit above the planet.

This campaign is set in the modern period, but later expansion packs will look at the earlier war period in more detail, with associated miniatures. We’re hoping that interest will be high enough to produce the miniatures needed to represent the Almata Home Guard!

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Frame from the Albedo Comic, ILR with Map

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