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APC Test Shots

Today we’re sharing some images of the EDF AV4 APC.  This is the third iteration of the model design, and we’re now at the point where we plan the cuts in the model prior to setting up for production.

Original comic artFanfic...  we liked this one

It’s actually quite a design challenge to turn a comic image into a chunk of resin and metal.  Especially because Steve’s graphic style is quite clean and refined.  The sculptor did a great job in making a nice clean APC, unfortunately, so we had to help him add the detail and clutter that make a model AFV look real!

Rear view Side viewFront quarter.

We’ve designed it to make various options possible... more information to follow on that, and also to make the vehicle customisable for you to play with.  That means metal hatches and detailing parts, separate stowage bins and track skirts, and fully modelled road wheels.

Hopefully, you’ll agree that we’re doing a bang up job.  We can’t wait till we have a physical model to play with...




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