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Albedo Combat Patrol (ACP164) is a Science Fiction game, set in a future universe where all the inhabitants are genetically engineered, anthropomorphic animals. It is based on a long running Albedo comic book series of the same name, and fully licenced by Steve Gallacci.

Our 28mm heroic scale miniatures are finely sculpted by a specialist studio who has sculpted for Disney and Warner and fare finely cast – at the top end of the miniatures market. The vehicles are chunky resin castings designed and made by a very talented industrial artist who has worked in the model making / special effects department of the BBC.

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Erma Felna in the flesh.... well, metal at least.

Free Erma figure for all £50 backers and above!

Our talented sculptor has made Erma real, in a limited edition that will be free for anyone who backs the Kickstarter for at least £50.00.   This will be a strictly limited edition, with a certificate.  No more of this miniature will be produced.

But we’ll be making uniformed versions of La Felna later on... of course.

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