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Albedo Combat Patrol (ACP164) is a Science Fiction game, set in a future universe where all the inhabitants are genetically engineered, anthropomorphic animals. It is based on a long running Albedo comic book series of the same name, and fully licenced by Steve Gallacci.

Our 28mm heroic scale miniatures are finely sculpted by a specialist studio who has sculpted for Disney and Warner and fare finely cast – at the top end of the miniatures market. The vehicles are chunky resin castings designed and made by a very talented industrial artist who has worked in the model making / special effects department of the BBC.

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Miniatures now on sale!

We’re excited to announce that the first miniatures are now available for purchase!

You can now buy packs of ILR and EDF troopers from the store, prior to the kickstarter which begins on 15th October.


Miniature figures now on sale!


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