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New ILR Armour released!

The ILR uses wheeled vehicles in combat roles. This is because most of the time they use armour, it’s on terrain types that suit wheels. Wheeled vehicles require less maintenance than tracked counterparts, and offer a tactical advantage on roads and hard terrain surfaces, while being as good in many other situations.

For this reason, they invested heavily in wheeled armoured personnel carriers (APC), armoured cars and light armoured fighting vehicles from the beginning of the war, and steadily enhanced the capability during the conflict.

During Phase 1, the ILR relied on found assets to provide transport for their raiders. But as the number of garrison roles increased, on worlds where the transition of power may not have been welcomed, they identified the need for protected transport.

The first response to this demand was a series of what were basically armoured trucks, but these proved to be unwieldy to use and unreliable. After some thought and further trials, the ILR Technical Directorate developed a better solution, in the form of the six wheeled P-67 APC. This six-seater vehicle was very popular when introduced, but was not really big enough, given that the standard squad size was 12 critters.  This meant that an infantry Platoon would need seven vehicles, which represented a large investment in maintenance, crewing and logistics.

The answer was to scale the vehicle up. The new P-69 eight-wheeled APC was longer, wider and capable of carrying a whole squad. The driver and Squad Leader sit at the front of the vehicle, with the remainder of the squad in the rear crew compartment. Both the P-67 and P-69 are fitted with a post mounted MG909 HMG.

The redundant 6 wheel chassis were quickly repurposed as Scout vehicles, and to other special uses such as engineering support and air defence.

Trials were also undertaken with a turreted P-69.  The T model suffered from the same limitations as the 6 wheel APC, and never supplanted the 69 and later uprated P-72 in production.

The scout version of the P-67 was also upengined and armoured, to produce the SP-74 vehicle.

Eventually, it’s planned to have components that let you build any of these versions from the same basic model. You can use the stowage kit and the open hatch kits to personalise your models and add character.

The figure below shows how the design evolved, in chronological order from left to right.  More detai is contained in the ACP164 Sourcebook!

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